This is a simple formula that can be used on its own or be added to or used with other formulas. You might think of this if you get dizzy slightly or have a hard time concentrating. It dries out and transform phlegm in the head to make cognition more clear.

There are no amphetamines or other stimulants in it although it may give you more energy.

Yuan Zhi -远志 Radix Polygalae, 远志 – Yuan Zhi can be translated as “Profound Will”, “Long-term Memory” or my favorite “Far Away Mind”.

Shi Chang Pu – 石菖蒲- Sweetflag Rhizome, Rhizoma Acori – It is often used “opens the orifices” (brain and ears) and calms the spirit. When you feel like you got cotton in your head or fluid in your ears it can help with tinnitus, deafness and dizziness.

Mu Xiang – 木香 – Aucklandia Radix – Mu Xiang here will help digest the other herbs. In its own right it works on upset stomachs and a host of gastrointestinal problems. (Its a separate issue from Brain Fog but search around our sight and let us know if you have Crohns or other problems.)

Here is an article about Mu Xiang from one of my students: Drew Nystrom in Acupuncture Today.



The Mu Xiang is added to help move the qi of the stomach and help facilitate the flow of the other herbs.

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