I don’t usually get allergies but last spring in a high pollen area I really got hit with running nose, itchy eyes, tiredness etc…

This formula (which is the classic Yu Ping Feng San with some additions) really seemed to help to clear my head. No Guarantees for you (we don’t do refunds) but order a small amount and see if it helps. Not for other “allergic reactions”.

Huang Qi (astragalus) raises the Wei (protective) Qi  and strengthens the lungs.

Fang Feng (siler) means “Wind Protection” and guards the outside layer of the body against “invasion”. Not so coincidently it is said in western terms to have anti-histamine properties.

Bai Zhu (atractylodus) strengthens the spleen system. In western science the spleen organ is important for anti-body production.

From the smart people at news medical .net

The spleen is an organ found in almost all vertebrate animals. It mainly acts as a filter for purifying the blood, removing microbes and worn out or damaged red blood cells. It is also an important organ in the immune system, producing the white blood cells that fight infection and synthesize antibodies.

I added in Bai Zhi (dahuricae) to guide and dry the nose.

Also I put a small amount of Ban Zhi Lian which clears heat and reduces swelling.

Thanks to Joel Penner at American Dragon for use of the links with his permission.

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