Jie Shi Ling For Urinary Stones

Jin Qian Cao – Desmodium styracifolium  12%

Fu Ling – Poria cocos 11%

Che Qian Cao – Plantago 12%

Si Gua Luo Luffa cylindrica 12%

Dong Kui Zi – Semen Abutili (Dong Kui Zi is often sold as Qing Ma Zi and vice versa- since Qing Ma Zi is not available we are using Dong Kui Zi sold under that name. The functions are very similar.) 8%

Huai niu xi – Achyranthes 8%

Hai jin sha – Lygodium japonicum 15%

Zhi shi  – Citrus aurantium 10%

  • Mu Tong – Clematis armandii – we substitute Ze Xie here as Mu Tong is not available to be imported to the United States.

Ze Xie – Rhizoma Alismatis 12%

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