Liver Helper

I often write special formulas for my own patients. At times, I have posted them on Eagleherbs so that these patients can easily re-order them. Chances are that if you run across this page and you find it interesting you should email me and we can determine if this formula is appropriate for you.

Huang Qi  – Astragalus

Wu Wei Zi  – Schizandra

Hu Zhang  – Plygani Cuspidati

Xia Ku Cao  –Prunella Vulgaris

Bai Hua She She Cao  –Hedyotidis

Gan Cao – Licorice

Bai Shao – White Peony

Chi Shao- Red Peony

Gou Qi Zi  – Fructus Lycii

Jue Ming Zi  –Semen Cassiae

Fu Ling  – Poria Cocos

Nu Zhen Zi – Fructus Ligustri


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