Lung Formula 1 and 2

Bai He- Lily – moistens the lungs…

This is for dry cough with tiredness….

Bai He – Bulba Lily

Dang Shen – Codonopsis

Fu Ling – Poria

Mai Men Dong – Opipogonia

Shan Yao – Discoreae

Kun Bu – Laminari

Sang Ye – Herba Mori


For chronic lung issues I would recommend also taking Cordyceps


Very happy when the formulas work so well. When this patient initially called me, after every 3rd word on the telephone he had coughing fit. We can’t mention the diagnosis he had (FDA and all that) but within days he was doing so much better and the cough had receeded. He volunteered this testimonial:

My Miracle,

I contracted a very serious bronchial infection on our vacation in the Philippines.

It progressively got worse an worse.  I went to my family doctor and got medication but after strong antibiotics for a month and booster antibiotic shots and $600 inhalers and a nebulizer  breathing machine three times a day I still got to where I would cough till I would almost blackout and then felt like I was trying to gasp and get oxygen from a small straw.  Finally a CT SCAN and was told that the different pulmonary diagnosis evidence showed that I could have as little as three to five years to live.
I was obviously in serious trouble and shared at our church what was happening and a brother told me about his father with similar symptoms and on oxygen day and night and given one year to live and his kids took him to a doctor that used Chinese Herbs.
 I was desperate and called his doctor but it was $1500 a month.
I couldn’t afford it so I investigated and found the formula and contacted Doug at his herb place and he made it for me for a hundred a month and within days I was breathing better and after three months I had a new CT SCAN and the pulmonologist said I was clear.  May God bless Doug for all his care and help.

C. R.

Jeremiah 29:11-14



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