Fu Zi – from the Learning Garden Venice (ours is from China)

This is a strong formula for tonifying (increasing) kidney Qi. It is used for those who feel cold and may be older, have congenital issues or otherwise recovering from a illness. It contains Fu Zi which is used to warm the entire body (not just the hands and feet). A person who needs this will be tired or tired and agitated. It is often used for continual vaginal discharge that is white (not yellow) or urinary incontinence. This formula is not to be taken lightly and my preference is that you should take this only if recommended by a qualified herbalist.

  • Tonifies and Warms the Kidneys
  • Nourishes Kidney Jing
  • Astringes the Lower Jiao

Lu Jiao Shuang Cornu Cervi Degelatinatum (traditionally Lu Rong is used but it is no longer available so we use a larger dosage Lu Jiao Shnag. All the same qualities apply.) Lu Rong Cervi Pantotrichum –   Tonifies the Kidneys, strengthens Yang,regulates the Chong and Ren channels, stabilizes the Dai Channel, Tonifies the Du Channel, strengthens Jing and Blood, and bones and benefits marrow. For exhaustion, aversion to Cold, lower back pain, weakness of the lower extremities and frequent, scanty urination with continuous dripping.

Tu Si Zi Sm. Cuscutae Strengthens Yang, nourishes Yin, astringesJing and urine and benefits the marrow.

Rou Cong Rong Hb. Cistanches Tonifies the Kidneys, strengthens the Yang,benefits Jing and marrow and warms the Womb.

Huang Qi Rx. Astragali Tonifies Qi and Blood and strengthens the Spleen.

(Not included in this formula – this is Huang Qi seeds) Sha Yuan Zi Sm. Astragali Complanati Tonifies Kidney Yang and astringes Jing.

Sang Piao Xiao Ootheca Mantidis Tonifies the Kidneys, assists Yang, retains Jing and astringes urine.

Rou Gui Cx. Cinnamomi  Warms the Kidneys, Spleen and Heart, strengthens Yang and Ming Men Fire and warms and unblocks the channels and vessels. With Zhi Fu Zi, it powerfully tonifies Kidney Yang,for Kidney Yang Deficiency with lower back pain and weakness in the legs and knees and Deficiency of Ming Men Fire with impotence or infertility.

Zhi Fu Zi Rx. Aconiti Lateralis Preparata Warms Ming Men Fire, assists Heart, Kidney and Spleen Yang, disperses Cold and Dampness and warms the channels. This is prepared Fu Zi and is very safe but you must have the proper diagnosis or you may find it is much too warming.

Bai Ji Li Fr. Tribuli Calms the Liver, anchors Yang, dredges Liver Qi and disperses Stagnation and clumping.

Zi Wan Radix Asteris   Relieves coughs and expels Phlegm.


my thanks to Joel Penner (AmericanEagle.com) for permission to use this information.

And thanks to Ingrid Schneider at the Learning Garden, Venice, California for growing the Fu Zi pictured here.

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