Details of Pinellia and Gastrodia Combination
Ban xia is a great drying herb that also addresses nausea.

Alternative Names

  • Pinellia, Ovate Atractylodes and Gastrodia Decoction
  • Pinellia, Largehead Atractylodes and Tall Gastordia Decoction
  • ban xia bai zhu tian ma tang
  • Pan-hsia-pai-chu-tien-ma-tang
  • pan hsia pai chu tien ma tang
  • ban xia bai zhi tian ma tang
  • ban xia bai shu tian ma tang
  • hange byakuzyutu tenma to
  • hange byakujutsu temma to
  • Hange-byakujutsu-tenma-tō
  • 半夏白朮天麻湯
  • はんげびゃくじゅつてんまとう
  • T37; T-37; T 37


  • regulates digestion
  • supports intestinal health
  • maintains stomach functions
  • supports mental clarity
  • relaxes neck and shoulder tension
  • regulates blood pressure and


Tian Ma 天麻 gastrodia rhizome Rhizoma Gastrodiae Elatae

  • This herb “extinguishes internal wind”. Internal wind is stress induced neurological problems such as headaches and muscle spasms.

Ban Xia 半夏 pinellia rhizome, pinellia tuber Rhizoma Pinelliae Ternatae [supports pregnancy]

  • This herb dries the excessive fluids in the Stomach. This is where phlegm comes from initially. When phlegm is kicked up by internal wind, it can cause dizziness and vertigo.

Bai Zhu 白术 , bai shu ovate atractylodes, (white) atractylodes rhizome [supports pregnancy]

  • Another anti-phlegm herb that also strengthens the digestion to prevent the creation of additional phlegm.

Da Zao 大棗 jujube, Chinese date Jujubae Fructus

Sheng Jiang 生薑 fresh ginger rhizome Zingiberis Rhizoma

Gan Cao 甘草 licorice root Radix Glycyrrhizae [caution]

  • The three herbs described above are known in American Chinese medicine schools as “the three candies”. They’re often used together. Date, licorice and ginger and are delicious like candy, but they’re also really good at waking up the Stomach so that it doesn’t generate any more dampness.

Ju Hong 橘紅 tangerine flavedo, red tangerine peel Pc. Citris

  • This is the more potent portion of an herb that shows up in a few formulas here at EagleHerbs called chen pi, or tangerine peel. The entire peel includes the oil-filled superficial skin, plus some of the white rind beneath. however, Ju Hong is only the oil-filled superficial skin making it even more potent at drying the excessive fluids in the stomach that serve as a precurser to the phlegm that causes the dizziness this formula addresses.

Fu Ling 茯苓 sclerotium of tuckahoe, China root, hoelen, Indian bread Poria Cocos

  • Another herb for excess fluids, but it doesn’t directly dry them as much as “leech them out” through the urinary tract. So, it is a mild diuretic. It also has a gentle calming effect.

For more about Wind check out this page.

Recommended for these body types:
Slightly Delicate
Slightly Delicate

Recommended for these thermal natures:

Adult Dosage

    Eagle Herbs is now supplying a 2 gram “little spoon”. (Please wash and dry before using.)

    An “average dose” is 10 grams per day of the granules or 20 capsules.

    A Big Dosage for Short-lived but intense issues: 3 little spoons (12 capsules) twice a day.

    A Smaller Dosage for Lingering low-grade concerns: 2 little spoons (8 capsules) twice a day.

    If you are very sensitive to medicines: start out low (1/2 little spoon or 2 capsules) once per day, and raise the dosage each day.

    We find that people find the right dosage for themselves: what feels good for them and they get the results they are looking for.

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