We at Eagleherbs don’t like to see ourselves as “weight loss doctors”. 

This was something I created for a person in his early 60’s – very active and otherwise healthy yet still couldn’t keep the pounds off. They weren’t overly obese- in fact many would say they had a good body but they had difficulty getting into the clothes they wore just a year  ago.

I would suggest Not taking it too close to bedtime as the Huang Qi (astragalus) my keep you up.

And I would suggest buying a small amount at first rather than buying 5 bottles right off the bat. (Not a very good sales pitch I know.) If your body likes them you should see some kind of result in about 2 weeks (100 grams worth) and then order more.

(The FDA has lots of rules against making “disease claims” (many of which I support). Interestingly enough the FDA has no prohibition against selling Weight Loss products in any form – as long as they are safe of course.)

This is a modification and blending of Fang Ji Huang Qi Tang and Huang Qi Tang.

Huang Qi  

Bai Zhu

Fu Ling

Chai Hu

Fang Ji

Chen Pi

Bai Zi Ren

Dang Gui

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