I am offering Yuan Zhi as a single herb. It is a beautiful herb that also grows in North America. It is mostly used for mental “fogginess” and helps clear the thought process.

My translation of it is “Far-Away Mind”.

Yuan is a common word for far away. One can ask on the street “Bu Yuan?” or “is it far?”.

远[遠] yuǎn* s.v. far; distant (lit./fig.) | chà de ∼ be far behind | ∼ zài shíyī shìjì as far back as the 11th century ◆b.f. keep away from; keep at a distance

Zhi is an important and complicated word used all throughout Chinese Medicine, theory and culture.  Some people translate it as Mind while others say it is linked to aspects of memory.

志 ¹zhì n. will; aspiration; ideal; ambition ◆b.f. be devoted to

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