Metal Lock Pill to Stabilize the Essence (Jin Suo Gu Jing Tang)

Details of Metal Lock Pill to Stabilize the Essence

Lotus stamin helps astringe things leaking downstairs.

This formula is for nocturnal emissions that are NOT accompanied by a dream. I know, it’s ironic, a wet dream, without the dream. To find a formula for nocturnal emissions WITH a dream, see the flow-chart graphic on nocturnal emissions.

Alternative Names

  • Jin Suo Gu Jing Tang
  • Golden Lock Essence-Securing Decoction
  • Chin Suo Ku Ching Wan
  • Golden Lock Essence-Securing Pill
  • Golden Lock Pill for Consolidating the Essence
  • Lotus Stamen Formula

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Taishan Bedrock Powder (Tai Shan Pan Shi San)

Details of Taishan Bedrock Powder

Sha Ren is a famous anti-nausea herb that supports a full-term pregnancy.

Alternative Names

  • Great Mountain Bedrock Powder
  • Tai Shan Pan Shi San
  • Powder that Gives the Stability of Mount Tai

About this formula: the mention of the “Tai Shan”, or “great mountain” is an image of stability in Chinese culture like the “Rock of Gibraltar” is used by a financial services firm to promote stability.

“Instability” is how Chinese medicine refers to a tendency toward miscarriages. Those who benefit the most from this formula are fatigued and weak as a rule. There may be a pale complexion and lack of appetite as well.

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Tang-Kuei and Arctium Formula (xiao feng san)

Details of Tang-kuei and Arctium Formula
Dang gui helps nourish the "Liver blood", or neurotransmiters.

Dang gui helps nourish the "Liver blood", a precursor to skin moisturizing oil.

Alternative Names

  • Wind Dispersing Powder
  • xiao feng san
  • hsiao feng san
  • syuhu san
  • shofusan

This formula does four things that all support healthy skin. They work together to address the internal organs as well as the external skin.

The four treatment principles inherent in this formula include the following:

  1. Nourish the blood to moisturize the skin.
    • This is often the root cause of rashes or dry skin. “Nourishing the blood” doesn’t necessarily mean that you have anemia. The secretions of oil in the skin are considered a subset of the blood. So dry skin is addressed through the blood.
  2. Extinguish wind to eliminate itching.
    • When “wind” is said to enter the skin, it may produce the sensation of an insect crawling on the skin, or simply cause itching. This formula includes a few herbs to “extinguish wind” for this reason.
  3. Dry damp to address wet or weeping rashes.
    • Dampness arises from a fluid metabolism disregulation in the body. When you are humid inside, it is easy for oozing rashes and sores to arise in your skin. Some itchy rashes also feel wet after you scratch them. This too is dampness.
  4. Clear heat to protect the blood and remove redness.
    • Whenever we see redness on the body, we assume that there is “heat” involved. Usually red things are warm to the touch too. So, another goal with red rashes is to locate the heat and remove it.

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Agastache Formula (Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San)

Details of Agastache Formula

Patchouli settles the stomach by “piercing turbidity”.

I find this is the “go-to” formula for most forms of nausea. It is often used for pregnant women (although of course a doctor should be consulted for unremitting or serious nausea – pregnant or not). But for the run of the mill, “not feeling so great”  nausea after a greasy meal etc… I go for this (or some fresh ginger in water).

Also, this is a great formula to have on-hand for the cold and flu season. It excels in settling the stomach when a common cold or flu is aggravated by nausea. One thing, traditionally this formula is only used for “wind-cold” not “wind-heat”. Each of these conditions include chills and fever, however for the best outcomes with this formula, use it when you have more chills than fever (or equal amounts of chills and fever). If you only have fever, consider something else such as Lonicera and Forsythia Formula

Alternative Names

  • Agastache Powder to Rectify the Qi
  • Huo Hsiang Cheng Chi San (Wan)
  • Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Wan
  • Agastache Qi-Regulating Formula (Pill)
  • Agastache Genuine-Qi Powder (Pill)
  • Pogostemon Powder to Rectify the Qi
  • Patchouli Powder to Rectify the Qi
  • Pogostemon Formula
  • 藿香正氣散

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Coptis and Magnolia Bark Drink (Lian Po Yin)

Details of Coptis and Magnolia Bark Drink

Huang Lian (Rx. Coptis) is often used for a fullness or stuffiness right below the sternum.

This is one of those amazing Chinese herb recipes that have yet to be fully appreciated in the West. It is for damp-heat. Many people in developed nations are hot and damp. You can see it on their faces, or rather in their faces. People with red swollen faces generally have damp-heat in their body. This is one of many formulas for exactly that condition and of course all the symptoms that arise from that condition.

Alternative Names

  • Lian Po Yin
  • Coptis and Magnolia Bark Decoction
  • Coptis and Magnolia Bark Combination
  • 蓮朴飲

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Diffuse Pain Decoction (Juan Bi Tang)

Details of Diffuse Pain Decoction

Migrating aches aggravated by damp weather?

Cinnamon twig is a great blood mover which treats pain.

The Diffuse Pain Decoction was originally conceived of addressing the painful influences of exposure to wind or damp weather. Back in the 1170s, that was a pretty good idea, well before we enjoyed so much control over our environment.

Even with central heating and air conditioning autoimmune disregulation or changes in barometric pressure can still give rise to these aches and pains.

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Supercharge your Diffuse Pain Decoction

Los Angeles Zhong Yi, Al Stone

Eagle Herbs' Al Stone, winner of Los Angeles Magazine's Best Zhong Yi 2011 award.

What’s a zhong yi? In China, that means simply a doctor of Chinese internal medicine*. An acupuncturist is like the Western medicine surgeon, while the zhong yi is more like the pharmacist or the internal medicine doctor. The zhong yi and the acupuncturist speak the same language and some of our treatment principles overlap somewhat, but the tools we use are different. I use herbs exclusively. At we provide these herbs in convenient flavor crystals optionally placed in capsules.

That’s what I do. Chinese internal medicine*. You don’t have to be Chinese of course, it works for everybody equally well. :)

There are three ways to interact with me.

bullet point graphicUsing the free consultation form. The email response you will be sent (usually within 24 hours) provides links to specific formulas at this site that can help you regulate, support, encourage and moderate your body’s structures and functions. It’s quick, it’s free. It’s available 24/7. What’re you waiting for?

bullet point graphicThe telephone consultation. This is the best choice for those who want a customized formula where each and every ingredient is perfectly suited to your particular needs. The cost is $100 for the first month which includes enough flavor crystals to last you 3-4 weeks. You can have that encapsulated too for an additional $40.

bullet point graphicThe in-person consultation. This is for those who can get to the Station Pharmacy at 1820 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica CA., 90403. Consultations are by appointment only. Appointments are $150 for the tongue assessment, pulse taking, lots of questions, plus the first month’s worth of customized herb formula. Please contact us to initiate that process. I see patients during the following times:


Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 3 pm
(last appointment scheduled at 3 pm)

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Al Stone, L.Ac., DAOM (Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine*)

*There are oodles of laws that prevent me from claiming to be a doctor or using medicine to help patients. These two terms (doctor and medicine) are used on this page only for the sake of clarity and should not be taken to mean that Al Stone is a physician using drugs to fix diseases. Only “doctors” using “medicine” can treat “disease”. Al Stone has a doctorate in Oriental medicine and uses herbs to balance, regulate, support and promote health.

Coffee Break Break (formerly 4 Miracle Brew ©)


Chuan Xiong root has a heady aroma that clears the head.

Coffee Break Break © is a calming brain-tonic that adds balance to excessive consumption of caffeine. Take a break from your usual coffee break without the side-effects of caffeine. This is the same product as the Four Miracle Brew. We have changed the name to avoid confusion with one of our other products.

One spoon of herbsOne teaspoon of Coffee Break Break hides some health in every cuppa coffee. Coffee Break Break’s rich aromatic flavor crystals taste like they’re brewing in your cup. Add to your favorite cup o’ caffeine and enjoy all of its energizing benefits without those nasty tics, tremors, shakes and sweats.

Two spoons of herbal material


Two teaspoons of Coffee Break Break makes a mid-strength cup of tea that calms your mind to help you focus. Add anything you’re accustomed to adding to your coffee and you’ll find Coffee Break Break a delicious way to bring some liquid balance into your life. Suggested dosage is to have one cup of Coffee Break Break for every two cups of conventional coffee.

Three spoonfuls of herbs.


Three teaspoons of Coffee Break Break for the dark rich satisfaction of full-strength coffee. This incredible herb formula not only calms the jitters associated with caffeine, but also provides some fuel for the mind and body. Caffeine is like a spark plug, but without the presence of fuel, that spark will do very little good. Coffee Break Break nourishes and promotes the creation of that fuel inside the body. Best part is that it actually tastes great!

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Persica and Carthamus Combination (Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang)

Details of Persica and Carthamus Combination

Tao Ren (Peach Pit) supports blood movement.

Alternative Names

  • Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang
  • Drive Out Stasis in the Mansion of Blood Decoction
  • Hsieh Fu Chu Yu Tang
  • Blood-House Blood Stasis-Dispelling Decoction
  • XFZY decoction
  • Xuefu Zhuyu


  • supports the cardiovascular system

This highly respected formula is a modification of two other formulas: most of the ingredients from Four-Substance Decoction with Safflower and Peach Pit and Bupleurum and Chih-shih Formula can be found in this formula. Used all together, the goal is to support the cardiovascular health by stimulating the flow of qi and blood. Continue reading »

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Additions for aches and pains