Details of Long Dan Er Miao San

A formula for draining “damp-heat”. It is a stronger variation of the very simple but effective formula Er Miao San.

Sheng di huang
Long dan cao
Ze xie
fu shen
Che qian zi
Zhi zi
Sang ye
Di fu zi
Bai xian pi
Chi shao
Mu dan pi
Huang qin
Huang bai
Dang gui
Chai hu
Gan cao
Cang zhu

This formula treats rather severe itchiness that are have red and raised spots. The generic Western term is urticaria and in Chinese medicine it would be caused by Wind Heat.


Many of our customers use this formula in smaller dosages for their animals.

If you are using this for your dog(s) they may have been bit by fleas which has created an uncontrollable cycle of itching and redness driving both you and your animal crazy.


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