Scutellaria Decoction (Huang Qin Tang)

Scutellaria Decoction (Huang Qin Tang)

Huang qin is one of the few herbs that enter the so-called "pivot" of the body.

Detoxifying since 220 AD. Huang Qin Tang (Scutellaria Decoction) is a simple modification of the #1 formula in Shang Han Lun style Chinese herbalism. The Shang Han Lun (Treatise on Cold Injury) is one of the key Chinese medicine “bibles” (or “classics” as the Chinese say). Huang Qin Tang is pronounced “wong chin tong“.

Alternative Names

  • Huang Qin Tang
  • Huang Chin Tang
  • Scute and Licorice Combination
  • 黃芩湯
  • Scutellaria Decoction
  • Huang-Qin-Tang (HQT)
  • PHY906, PHY 906

About this formula

Recently studied as a digestive aid called PHY906 (Huang Qin Tang) in those undergoing Western drug therapy.

Huang Qin Tang was traditionally used for gastrointestinal distress and detoxifying the intestines when resulting in burning crampy diarrhea with a strong odor. However it was not assumed that this diarrhea was due to an infection in the intestines, rather a toxicity issue in other locations of the body, specifically the “Shao Yang pivot.”

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Huang Qin Tang Modifications

Pueraria, Scutellaria, and Coptis Decoction

Details of Pueraria, Coptis and Scute Combination
Kudzu root relaxes the neck and shoulders.

Kudzu root relaxes the neck and shoulders.

Looking for Huang Qin Tang? The formula described on this page isn’t the same as has been mentioned in gut-protection research. See: Huang Qin Tang

Alternative Names

  • Ge Gen Huang Lian Huang Qin Tang
  • Ge Gen Huang Qin Huang Lian Tang
  • Kudzu, Scutellaria, and Coptis Decoction
  • ko ken huang lien huang chin tang


  • This formula is used to cool what is hot. Internal heat generally smells bad, very bad. This can apply to flatulence or belching. Heat can also rise into the “Heart” which is said to store the spirit. Heat in the Heart then, can cause one’s passions to be more intense such that one might make a mountain out of a molehill.

Ge gen (kudzu) is an herb often added to formulas to address neck and shoulder stiffness or muscle spasms, but it is also great for regulating spasms in the large intestine and regulates bowel transit times such that loose or wet stools will harden up. This particular formula is commonly used for that most unsightly of kinds of diarrhea one that is yellow, and explosive, with a strong odor that burns the anus. A closely associated situation is called “tenesmus” wherein one lacks the sensation of having completely finished their poop. There’s always a little bit left, or at least the sensation thereof.

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Pueraria, Coptis and Scute Options

Four Miracle Pills (Si Shen Wan)

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Details of Four Miracle Pills
Wu Zhu Yu is the little purple dots in this image. Very strong taste, like a sweet aromatic pepper.

Wu Zhu Yu is the little purple dots in this image. Very strong taste, like a sweet aromatic pepper.

Alternative Names

  • Si Shen Wan

This formula warms up the digestive processes in order to more efficiently firm up the stools.

This formula can be taken long-term, but if one is hypersensitive to cold temperatures, there are likely other symptoms that may appear due to this same lack of metabolic heat (or “yang” as we say in Chinese medicine.)

As such, pay attention to related products that may appear on this page, or look around for other formulas for yang deficiency that may apply to you.

Proper and efficient digestion relies on the body’s yang energy. In this context, yang is metabolic heat. When the metabolism of the body in general is deficient, the efficiency of the digestion is also going to be weakened.

The reason that this sort of diarrhea is most prevalent in the early morning hours is because this condition is really due to a lack of heat in the body. The early morning hours are the coldest hours (energetically and thermally) and thus the body simply can’t keep the fecal matter in the body at this time of the day. Cold isn’t just a lack of heat, it can be an extra energy in the body too, which is another reason that the body responds with a bowel movement. The body can expel cold through the bowels, just like heat can be expelled through sweat.

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Ginseng, Poria, and Atractylodes Powder (Shen Ling Bai Zhu San)

Details of Ginseng, Poria, and Atractylodes Powder
Ginseng (ren shen) is the most famous herb in all of China, and it's in this formula!

Ginseng (ren shen) is the most famous herb in all of China, and it's in this formula!

This formula is an amazing mixture of both herbs that can be used long-term because of their slow tonification of digestive process, but it also includes some quick acting ingredients as well.

If your diarrhea is a chronic condition lasting more than six months, consider a lower dosage of Shen Ling Bai Zhu San, but get enough to last a month or two.

If your diarrhea is a more recent arrival, you can take a higher dosage of Shen Ling Bai Zhu San to knock out this condition before it has a chance to become chronic.

Alternative Names

  • Sheng-ling-pai-chu-san
  • Ginseng and Atractylodes Formula
  • Shen Ling Bai Zhu San

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Mental Clarity Additions

Citrus and Crataegus Formula (Bao He Wan)

Details of Citrus and Crataegus Formula
Shan Zha or Hawthorn Fruit helps digest meat and lower cholesterol.

Shan Zha or Hawthorn Fruit helps digest meat and lower cholesterol.

“Digest The Mess”

This formula is called a “digestive” formula in Chinese medicine. This says that it helps the body digest. This means the formula is for sluggish movement from the stomach down through the intestines.

This helps you digest foods that are difficult to digest.

Now, this formula only does half the job. Obviously, you’ll want to pay attention to what you’re eating and look into finding out what is not easily digested and of course eating less of that.

Foods that are difficult to digest include greasy, fatty, deep-friend, dairy, meaty things. If your restaurant has a take-out counter, you may be eating foods that are tasty, but ridiculously unhealthy. I’m guessing that I’m not telling you anything new on this one.

Not everybody is VERY sensitive to dairy. This milk issue causing problems may be unique to those with a lactose intolerance. This often runs in genetic pools. Many Asians do not digest dairy well and so it may be that dairy is more of a problem for those who are lactose intolerant only.

When there is sloppy, sluggish, sticky, smeary stools with a strong odor this is the formula for you. This can show up looking like either diarrhea because the stools are not well-formed, or constipation because they are sluggish and difficult to get out of the body.

The “Bao He Wan” tongue has a thick and greasy coat.

Alternative Names

  • Bao He Wan
  • Preserve Harmony Pills
  • Harmony Preserving Pills
  • Citrus and Crataegus Formula

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Bupleurum and Peony Formula (jia wei xiao yao san)

Details of Bupleurum and Peony Formula
Bupleurum unsticks what is stuck.

Bupleurum unsticks what is stuck.

This is our most requested formula. It is really good for many forms of stress, frustration, anger and PMS.

When the (Chinese concept of the) Liver is out of balance, its function of ensuring the free-flow of qi is compromised. This free-flow of qi is many neurological functions in biomedical terms. Where there is stagnation, there is often heat. The can cause one to get angry, frustrated, or give rise to PMS.

One of the cardinal signs for Xiao Yao or Jia Wei Xiao Yao is when a person gets really angry, really suddenly over something that in reality is very small. In other words, we keep something bottled up until a little thing “sets us off”. Most of the time we use Jia Wei Xiao Yao because it clears more heat than Xiao Yao. And anger often translates as heat.

“Jia Wei” means “added ingredients (lit:flavors) and so Jia Wei is Xiao Yao with those two extra ingredients. Jia Wei Xiao Yao is Rambling Powder (Xiao Yao San) plus two herbs to “cool the blood”.

This formula also contains some Dang Gui and Bai Shao which build the blood. For that reason women especially gravitate to Jia Wei and regular Xiao Yao Wan. (Because in Chinese Medicine, women are all about the blood.)
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Anxiety Modification

Atractylodes and Pueraria Combination (Qian Shi Bai Zhu San)

Details of Atractylodes and Pueraria Combination

Patchouli dries up sloppy poo and stimulates taste sense by "piercing turbidity".

Alternative Names

  • qian shi bai shu san
  • qian shi bai zhu san
  • chien shih pai chu san
  • qi wei bai zhu san
  • bai zhu san
  • Seven-Ingredient Powder with Atractylodes Macrocephala
  • sensi hakuzyutu to

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Digestive Support #2

Details of Digestive Support #2

Sha Ren is a delicous aromatic herb that really firms up loose stools.

About this formula

Get there with confidence.

This formula provides herbal support for stress-induced diarrhea, tenesmus (sense of incomplete bowel movements), IBS, fatigue, and a lack of appetite due to the sense that your tummy is always full.

Other functions of this formula can apply to certain abdominal complaints that arise from the menstruation such as bloating, gas, gastrointestinal upset and even breast tenderness.

It can also have a positive effect on the moodiness and cramps of PMS, though that is sort of a secondary effect. The primary focus of this formula is in the digestive tract.

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