Atractylodes and Dioscorea Combination (Wan Dai Tang)

Details of Atractylodes and Dioscorea Combination
picture of shan yao herb

Shan yao is a Chinese yam supports the respiratory, digestive, and excretory systems.

A triple-action recipe to help you hit that sweet spot between too wet and too dry.

Action 1: supports efficient digestion which is the first step in healthy fluid metabolism (leading to a discharge-free day!)

Action 2: regulates the enteric nervous system in support of healthy digestion and fluid metabolism. This targets the stress-induced aspect of vaginal discharge.

Action 3: regulates the plumbing downstairs (ugh! The things I have to say to avoid making medical claims) meaning that some of the ingredients directly target dripping structures. Continue reading »

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Gentiana Combination (Long Dan Xie Gan Tang)

Details of Gentiana Combination
Gentiana cools to calm the spirit and make you cool of course. ;)

Gentiana cools to calm the spirit and make you cool of course. ;)

Alternative Names

  • long dan xie gan tang
  • lung tan hsieh kan tang
  • long dan xue gan tang
  • Gentian Liver-Draining Decoction
  • Gentian Liver-Purging Decoction
  • ryutan syakan to
  • Ryūtan-shakan-tō
  • 竜胆瀉肝湯
  • りゅうたんしゃかんとう
  • TJ76; TJ-76; TJ 76
  • lóng dǎn xiè gān wán
  • 龍膽瀉肝丸


  • cools redness in the face
  • calms restlessness
  • calms rage.
  • supports vaginal health
  • supports bladder health

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Four Marvels Powder (Si Miao San)

Details of Four Marvels Powder

Job’s Tears (Barley) or Yi Yi Ren strengthens fluid metabolism for swelling.

Yep, this is the formula mentioned in the article at the New York Times. See dosing suggestions below.

NOTE: this formula is not for all arthritis cases. Please see our nifty new Eagle Herbs Flowchart of Joint Health Formulas.

Alternative Names

  • Four Wonderful Powder
  • Four Marvels Pill
  • Four-Marvels Pill
  • Si Miao Wan
  • Si Miao San

This is an important Chinese herbal formula that regulates the blood circulation in the lower half of the body while also stimulating the fluid metabolism. Together, these actions effectively address temporary pain and swelling of the joints in the legs, muscle atrophy, and numbness in the legs.

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