Observed herb/drug interactions associated with ren shen Ginseng. [Source]

Patient Abstract Herb and Use Drug Believed to Interact Other Drugs Being Taken Medical Observation Mechanism Legitimacy
47 year old man with history of heart valve replacement [51] Ginseng Panax species (Fatigue) Warfarin Diltiazem nitroglycerin, salsalate INR decreased to 1.5 (previously stable 2–3) Herb has antiplatelet activity Likely
42 year old woman with chronic depression [52] Ginseng Panax species (Fatigue) Phenelzine Lorazepam triazolam, bee pollen Manic symptoms Not known Possible
64 year old woman [53] Ginseng Panax species (Fatigue) Phenelzine None Insomnia, headache, tremor Not known Unevaluable