Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 10.31.52 AMNot getting to sleep is a real drag. We offer herbs that can help with occasional sleeplessness. If you have chronic sleeplessness or “insomnia” then you should check out lifestyle issues like 1) stress 2) eating habits (especially caffeine obviously 3) medications and 4) supplements (that may be boosting you up a little too much). Feel free to roam the Eagleherbs website to find the right formula for yourself. The chart on this page explores some of the possibilities.

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Can’t Sleep? Our website is not boring enough for you? Click on the bird and spend 20 minutes on a quiz for finding the right Chinese herbal formula for you.
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Click on the giraffe’s eye and explore different Chinese formulas for sleeplessness here. You are getting sleepy, sleepy…


Soft music to help you fall asleep- Music for Acupuncture You Tube
Soft music for Insomnia- Music for Acupuncture- You Tube link– (Not ASMR but pretty gentle.)

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