I’m pray I’m not jinxing myself here but I haven’t gotten the flu this year. Its been really nasty and potentially dangerous and I’ve treated a lot of my patients in my own office and at the student clinic for it. Still I’m loathe capitalize on other’s misery and fears to put on Eagleherbs an “anti-flu” formula because:

  1. it will get me in trouble with the FDA
  2. there are different types of the flu

Yet, yet the much mentioned Shang Han Lun book of herbology is all about external diseases (like colds and flu). Although they never put it in terms of viruses and bacteria they did talk a lot about hot and cold “evils”…

恶 xié: EVIL: pronounced like Shaaay!

As I said, this is an “external evil” and the best way, especially at the beginning is to “release the exterior”. What you can do is take a spoon and scrape the back of your neck downward from the hairline to your shoulders. Do it a lot. A lot. If it gets red then is OK. I don’t want anyone to overdo it and hurt themselves but in China they get it really red and knarly. Bundling up and letting yourself sweat and then drying yourself off is good also. Keep hydrated. Drink you chicken soup. The last thing you DO NOT want to do is take tonifying herbs like ginseng! Especially if you know you have the flu.

While I haven’t gotten the full-blown flu (knock on wood) I have been taking variation of a number of herbs from the classic Yin Qiao San. Perhaps this is what has been keeping it away.

Perhaps it will help those who have the flu now or want to keep it away from getting it. These are very cold herbs and shouldn’t be taken long term. They may loosen up the bowels as well.