Consultation with Herbs

Get a custom Chinese Herbal Formula and get the right formula without the guess work.Cost of the consultation is $65 and the herbs are $35 plus $9 shipping. 
Before there were telephones or the internet, Chinese doctors often consulted with patients through correspondence. We can’t yet read the pulse through the mail but we can send pictures of the person and tongue with one or two clicks. You can order a consultation from me with or without herbs. The cost for a consultation only will be $65, which you can purchase HERE
If you ordered a custom formula from us before then you can reorder here. Please tell us the date, order number, special name etc… so we can get you the right one.

  • Doing research online to locate the right formula for you can be daunting, confounding, irritating. That’s why Eagle Herbs provides a telephone consultation service for those who have no Chinese medicine practitioners in their area. Consultations consist of a 15-45 minute telephone conversationsand include up to 4 follow-up emails and/or telephone consultations. Foreign orders can be done through WhatsApp. 
  • If you have a refill, let me know by email ( with the history of the order. If you have the old bottle please tell us the date and the order number. If need be, let me know of any changes that you feel need to be made.

Purchase a Consultation w/100 grams of Herbs: then fill out the form.

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My webpage (to check up on me) is

Eagle Herbs consultations can be made by ordering below and then emailing and we’ll set up a telephone conversation. I may ask that you email me a picture of your face and tongue before the telephone call.






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Consultation Only

Before there were telephones or the internet, Chinese doctors often consulted with patients through correspondence. We can’t yet read the pulse through the mail but we can send pictures of the person and tongue with one or two clicks.

  • Consultations consist of a 15-45 minute telephone conversations and include up to 4 follow-up emails and/or telephone consultations. What you are ordering on this page does not include any herbs.

Price is $65

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Refill of Custom Herbs

Here’s where you order a formula that isn’t otherwise available at

When you order you will be able to give me the information in the “comments.”

If you are reordering then please be as specific as possible what formula you want. If you have a date that is great or even a picture of the ingredients of the bottle you are reordering. Otherwise often I have to search for it- and I don’t want to make a mistake here. Thanks.

If you find yourself on this page and don’t know why then you probably need to visit the page for custom formulas that include a consultation.

Custom formulas can be purchased in two forms.

  1. As extract powders that can be stirred into water and drunk as a tea (or just taken orally and washed down with water)
  2. As extract powders put into capsules.
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Read about the difference between powders and capsules here. Prices start from $35 for a single 100 gram bottle.

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Achyranthes and Plantago Formula (niu che shen qi wan)

Details of Achyranthes and Plantago Formula> [caption id="attachment_2397" align="alignright" width="96"]Niu xi translates to "ox knee" and is used for weak, creaky knees. Niu xi translates to “ox knee” and is used for weak, creaky knees.[/caption]

Alternative Names

  • Achyranthes and Plantago Kidney Qi Pill
  • ba wei di huang wan (there are four versions of this name)
  • niuche shenqi wan
  • Ji Sheng Shen Qi Wan
  • niu xi shen qi wan
  • gusya zinki gan
  • goshajinkigan
  • niu-che-shen-qi-wan
  • Gosha-jinki-gan
  • 牛車腎気丸
  • ごしゃじんきがん
  • TJ107; TJ-107; TJ 107

This is a variation of Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan which itself is a variation of Liu Wei di Huang Wan.


Shu Di Huang 熟地黄 cooked rehmannia root, prepared Chinese foxglove root Rehmanniae Radix preparata [supports pregnancy]

Shan Yao 山藥 dioscorea rhizome, Chinese yam Dioscoreae Rhizoma

Shan Zhu Yu 山茱萸 Asiatic cornelian cherry fruit, cornus Corni Fructus

Fu Ling 茯苓 sclerotium of tuckahoe, China root, hoelen, Indian bread Poria Cocos

Ze Xie 澤瀉 alisma rhizome, water plantain Rhizoma Alismatis Orientalis [supports pregnancy]

Mu Dan Pi 牡丹皮 moutan root bark, tree peony root bark Cortex Moutan Radicis

Rou Gui 肉桂 inner bark of Saigon cinnamon, cinnamon bark Cinnamomi Cortex [don’t use if pregnant]

[Fu Zi 附子 Prepared daughter root of Sichuan aconite Radix Lateralis Aconiti Carmichaeli Praeparata [don’t use if pregnant] [This herb is not included in the on-line formula. In place of Fu Zi we use a higher dosage of Rou Gui. The reason is that Fu Zi is a safe herb but if not used correctly for the correct condition can cause side effects. Fu Zi is needed in some cases, as examples: the aged or those with heart conditions. As an aphrodisiac or libido enhancer it depends totally on the patient’s condition. Those persons who feel they need the use of Fu Zi require a consultation. Hope you understand.]

Huai Niu Xi 懷牛膝 achyranthes root Archyanthis bidentatae Radix [don’t use if pregnant]

Che Qian Zi 車前子 plantago seeds Semen Plantaginis

Recommended for these body types: [caption id="attachment_1779" align="alignright" width="96"]Balanced Balanced[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1778" align="alignright" width="96"]Slightly Delicate Slightly Delicate[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1777" align="alignright" width="97"]Delicate Delicate[/caption]

Recommended for these thermal natures: [caption id="attachment_2261" align="alignright" width="96"]Neutral Neutral[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2260" align="alignright" width="96"]Cool Cool[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2258" align="alignright" width="96"]Cold Cold[/caption]

For edema with Yang deficiency (coldness). Choose carefully whether capsules or powder and sizes. Thanks.

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Acceptance (Herbs for Heartbreak)

About this formula

Acceptance (herbal support) is the Chinese herbal breakthrough that helps you get past the pain of heartbreak more quickly, more healthfully, and without the weight gain associated with “comfort foods”.

We all know that love comes, but sometimes it goes too. The profound suffering of heartbreak is even more difficult with the loss of a loved one. One option that shouldn’t be overlooked is Chinese herbal therapy for heartbreak pain.

Chinese medicine has a highly evolved way of looking at different kinds of pain, and heartbreak is no different. According to Chinese medical theory, strong emotions can impede the flow of qi-energy through the body.

In the case of heartache, that stagnation is taking place in the chest. You may feel a weight on your chest, experience frequent sighing, perhaps notice that your breathing is shallow.

Since qi helps blood move, when qi stagnates in the chest, the (Chinese concept of the) Heart can become under-nourished by blood and give rise to an apathetic or depressed mood. In delicate individuals, we may see heart palpitations, panic attacks, or insomnia. Many will feel impatient or ill at ease as well.

If the qi-energy stagnates in the digestive system, expect to find nausea, lack of appetite, belching or gas.

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 10.37.45 AM
Heartbreak can also impede some Lung functions. The (Chinese idea of the) Lungs are said to be particularly sensitive to grief or loss. When the Lungs become weakened by grief, their gas exchange functions can be impacted leading to fatigue, dizziness, or malaise.

This Chinese herbal formula helps calm the profound suffering of the Heart by targeting specific sensations that arise from grief.


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