Details of Cinnamon and Dragon Bone Combination
Cinnamon twig helps to regulate the heartbeat.
Cinnamon twig helps to regulate the heartbeat.

Alternative Names

  • gui zhi jia long gu mu li tang
  • Cinnamon Twig Decoction Plus Dragon Bone and Oyster Shell
  • Cassia Twig plus Dragon’s Bone and Oyster Shell Decoction
  • kuei chih jen sheng tang
  • keisi ka trykotu borei to
  • keishikaryukotsuboreito
  • Keishi-ka-ryūkotsu-borei-tō
  • 桂枝加竜骨牡蛎湯
  • けいしかりゅうこつぼれいとう
  • TJ26; TJ-26; TJ 26


  • calms heartbeats felt around the stomach
  • addresses symptoms that arise due to stress or the menstrual cycle, regulates the heartbeat and calms an increased startle response, cools temporary hot flashes
  • normalizes hot flashes and night sweats
  • supports bladder health, regualtes urinary output


Gui Zhi 桂枝 (Saigon) cinnamon twig, cassia twig Ramulus Cinnamomi Cassiae

Bai Shao 白芍 white peony root, peony Paeoniae Radix alba [supports pregnancy]

Long Gu 龍骨 dragon bone; fossilized vertebrae Os Draconis

Mu Li 牡蠣 oyster shell Concha Ostreae

Sheng Jiang 生薑 fresh ginger rhizome Zingiberis Rhizoma

Da Zao 大棗 jujube, Chinese date Jujubae Fructus

Gan Cao 甘草 licorice root Radix Glycyrrhizae [caution]

Recommended for these body types:

Slightly Delicate
Slightly Delicate
Recommended for these thermal natures:

Adult Dosage

This formula can be used to support health with or without symptoms. If symptoms are present, take 1 level teaspoon of the powder (8 capsules) three times daily. When symptoms are not present, take 1/2 level teaspoon (4 capsules), two times daily. Empty stomach is best for efficient absorption, but not essential. [More…]

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  • 100 grams powder (capsules or powder): 8 to 25 days
  • 200 grams powder (powder only): 19 to 56 days
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