Dong Chong Xia Cao is a very powerful herb. It is considered a tonic for the lung and kidney systems in Chinese medicine. It is gentle and may take a while to kick in (unlike Ren Shen which is quicker but shorter acting). 

Our cordyceps (because it is a fungus) is grown in a hay-like material which means ours is unsulfured Cordyceps mycelium. This type of cordyceps has been thoroughly tested and contains the same active ingredients as the traditional variety. No animals or insects were harmed in this biomass process.

The traditional form of cordyceps is becoming more rare due to the market, very hard to gather and thus is very, very expensive. There is a saying in China, “Those who buy “real” (from the animal) Cordyceps don’t take it, those that take Cordyceps aren’t taking the real Cordyceps”. Quite frankly if you are paying a whole lot for traditionally grown cordyceps you probably are getting a fake, unless you really, really know the source.

I shouldn’t do this but here is a web-page that is pretty good at describing Cordyceps. We at Eagle Herbs disavow any disease claims (particularly the cancer ones) but here it is… Cordyceps>

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