Details of Feline Kidneys
With deep roots, shu di huang (rehmannia) nourishes the deepest tissues as well.

This formula is a variation of Liu Wei Di Huang Wan. We have added Cordyceps (Dōng chóng xià cǎo – 冬虫夏草). This powerful herb is often used for humans, dogs and cats to help with kidney function.
NOTE that we are not veterinarians. Please consult your holistic veterinarian doctor for more information.

Alternative Names for Liu Wei Di Huang Wan

  • six flavor kidney qi pill
  • six herb kidney qi pill
  • liu wei di huang wan
  • liu wei ti huang wan
  • rokumi gan
  • Rokumi-gan
  • 六味丸
  • ろくみがん
  • TJ87; TJ-87; TJ 87
  • liù wèi dì huáng wán
  • 六味地黄丸
  • PM012 (with optional add-on Lycii fructus, see below)


This linked article is pretty comprehensive and describes a formula very close to what we offer.


Dōng chóng xià cǎo Ophiocordyceps sinensis (冬虫夏草)

Shu Di Huang 熟地黄 cooked rehmannia root, prepared Chinese foxglove root Rehmanniae Radix preparata [supports pregnancy]

Shan Yao 山藥 dioscorea rhizome, Chinese yam Dioscoreae Rhizoma

Shan Zhu Yu 山茱萸 Asiatic cornelian cherry fruit, cornus Corni Fructus

Fu Ling 茯苓 sclerotium of tuckahoe, China root, hoelen, Indian bread Poria Cocos

Ze Xie 澤瀉 alisma rhizome, water plantain Rhizoma Alismatis Orientalis [supports pregnancy]

Mu Dan Pi 牡丹皮 moutan root bark, tree peony root bark Cortex Moutan Radicis


1/2 level teaspoon of the powder (2 capsules) TWICE  daily.

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