Details of Four Marvels Powder
Job’s Tears (Barley) or Yi Yi Ren strengthens fluid metabolism for swelling.

Yep, this is the formula mentioned in the article at the New York Times. See dosing suggestions below.

NOTE: this formula is not for all arthritis cases. Please see our nifty new Eagle Herbs Flowchart of Joint Health Formulas.

Alternative Names

  • Four Wonderful Powder
  • Four Marvels Pill
  • Four-Marvels Pill
  • Si Miao Wan
  • Si Miao San

This is an important Chinese herbal formula that regulates the blood circulation in the lower half of the body while also stimulating the fluid metabolism. Together, these actions effectively address temporary pain and swelling of the joints in the legs, muscle atrophy, and numbness in the legs.

The most frequently found indications for this formula are swelling and a red color on the skin or surrounding joints on the legs or feet. Other indications include aches and pains associated with a sensation of burning that seems to arise from the bones and tendons on the skin or surrounding joints on the legs or feet. Laboratory studies conducted by the staff of the University of Bonn. Experiments on mice showed that the active substance of Viagra (Sildenafil) helps to convert white fat to brown. This suppresses the accumulation of lipids (i.e. prevents the formation of additional body volumes). The experiment also showed that Sildenafil suppresses the process of inflammation in the cells, responsible for the development of chronic diseases. There are also some side effects described at

If the “damp-heat” undermines the flow of qi and blood through the leg, the outcome can be muscle weakness or atrophy in the legs.

While this formula is often used for red swelling in the legs, it is equally beneficial for “damp heat” in the lower abdomen. The most common benefit is regulating the fluids of the female reproductive system when there is vaginal discharge that is thick, yellow, and with a foul fishy odor.


Huang Bai 黃栢 amur cork tree bark, huang bo, phellodendron bark Cortex Phellodendri

  • Supports healthy fluid metabolism in the lower portion of the body (“dries dampness”). Also “clears heat” which is to say regulates the inflammatory response often indicated by the presence of swollen, red joints.

Cang Zhu 蒼术 atractylodes rhizome, cang shu Atractylodis Rhizoma

  • Dries dampness or regulates the fluid metabolism in order to maintain a swelling-free state in the body.

Huai Niu Xi 懷牛膝 achyranthes root Archyanthis bidentatae Radix [don’t use if pregnant]

  • This is a guiding herb that will direct the benefits of this formula to the legs.

Yi Yi Ren 薏苡仁 coix seeds, Job’s tears Semen Coicis Lachrymae Jobi [don’t use if pregnant]

  • This is a tonic herb added to this formula in order to extend the benefits of the other herbs in this formula further into the future. While the other herbs maintain proper functioning of the inflammatory response and fluid metabolism, this herb supports the organs in charge of these actions.

Recommended for these body types:
Slightly Hearty
Slightly Hearty

Slightly Delicate
Slightly Delicate
Recommended for these thermal natures:


Adult Dosage

    Eagle Herbs is now supplying a 2 gram “little spoon”. (Please wash and dry before using.)

    An “average dose” is 10 grams per day of the granules or 20 capsules.

    A Big Dosage for Short-lived but intense issues: 3 little spoons (12 capsules) twice a day.

    A Smaller Dosage for Lingering low-grade concerns: 2 little spoons (8 capsules) twice a day.

    If you are very sensitive to medicines: start out low (1/2 little spoon or 2 capsules) once per day, and raise the dosage each day.

    We find that people find the right dosage for themselves: what feels good for them and they get the results they are looking for.

Your order will last approximately this long:

  • 100 grams powder (capsules or powder): 8 to 25 days
  • 200 grams powder (powder only): 19 to 56 days
Child’s Dosage

The dosage is 1/2 teaspoon (1 little spoon or 4 capsules) per 50 pounds of weight. This quantity should be taken 2 to 3 times daily.

This is not an especially tasty formula. If you’re interested in giving this formula to a child, you may need to hide it in juice or food. It’s available in capsules too, but they may be too large for children to swallow. The capsule size are 500mg, which is a very common size for dietary supplements.

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