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Huang Bai plant

Technically we aren’t supposed to make claims about diseases but I recently had the opportunity to treat someone with gout so I had to write a formula. It is an interesting and apparently very painful condition. Unfortunately and perhaps not surprisingly there aren’t any magic cures for gout even in Chinese medicine. This formula is offered as “support” for the selling, pain and inflammation of early stage gout.

Gout has a number of stages to it and in Chinese Medicine there are a number of diagnosis that are possible. Given that I tried to come up with an all around formula based on the average symptoms I have seen.

Of course, a patient with gout should first pay attention to her or his diet by cutting out those spicy foods that in Chinese medicine cause problems. “Spicy” in Chinese medicine is better seen as “super-flavorful” such as very sweet foods.

If you have chronic gout then kidney problems may arise and this formula should be modified.

  • Stay away from too much
  • meat
  • fruit sugar (fructose)
  • Alcohol consumption, especially beer
  • Other conditions can cause gout and can arise from gout

Cang Zhu – drains damp

Huang Bai – clears heat

Huai Niu Xi – Clears toxins

Jiang Huang – tumeric – clears heat, “detoxifies”

Fang Ji (Han Fang Ji) very safe, this clears heat and drains damp

Hua Shi – drains damp

Pu Gong Yin – “detoxifies” heat

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