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We often fulfill and create Custom Formulas. This page is for some of those special formulas that have a big percentage of expensive herbs in them. in other words, some times a person will request a formula that’s total cost will be eaten up or exceed our cost in creating it. When these are herbs in our standard formulas we can take the hit because they are usually only a small percentage of the total.

So thats the nitty gritty: I know these are expensive but things aren’t getting cheaper…

Those herbs include:

  • Chuan Bei Mu
  • Xi Yang Shen
  • Ren Shen
  • San Qi
  • Tai Zi Shen
  • E Jiao
  • Mei Gui Hua
  • Hong Shen
  • Ling Zhi Bao Zi
  • Ma Bo
  • Tian Ma
  • Pang Da Hai
  • Cong Lou
  • Zhu Ling
  • Ban Xia
  • Jin Yin Hua
  • Chan Ci Gu
  • Sha Ren
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