Benefitting the Spirit

This formula  – an Eagleherbs exclusive – directly targets benefits to the mind. In it are a number of herbs that are said to benefit the “Shen” or spirit. This formula can be used in conjunction with other formulas that might address an underlying condition. Use with attention and caution if also taking psychiatric medications. Send us an email. 

  • He Huan Pi and He Huan Hua – Albizzia – He Huan Pi: Calms the Spirit and relieves constraint – Constrained emotions with bad temper, depression, insomnia, irritability, and poor memory -ALSO: Invigorates and harmonizes the Blood, stops pain and reconnects sinews and bones – We also put in He Huan Hua’s which actions are: Insomnia, forgetfulness and irritability due to stuck emotions, especially when accompanied by epigastric pain and feelings of pressure in the chest.


  • Ye Jiao Teng – Polygoni – Nourishes the Heart Yin and Blood and calms the Spirit, Heart Yin Deficiency or Heart Blood Deficiency with insomnia and irritability – Especially for dream-disturbed sleep ALSO: Unblocks channels and dispels Wind-Dampness,General weakness, soreness, pain and numbness due to Blood Deficiency, Backache and aching limbs due to Wind-Damp Bi
  • Yuan ZhiRadix Polygalae – This herb is one of my favorites. My translation is that Yuan means “far away” and Zhi is the spirit. Officially it “calms the spirit”: Insomnia, palpitations with anxiety, restlessness, and disorientation. Most effective for excessive brooding or pent-up emotions, “Lack of communication between the Heart and Kidneys”

If you are having anxiety then check these formulas to treat more of the “root” or underlying causes:

  • Low level feeling anxious – lack of concentration – Gui Pi Tang

There are a number of variation you can read about there. 

  • For anxiety and panic attacks look at Tian Wan Bu Xin Dan first. May be accompanied by sweating.
  • Also we have Ding Zhi Wan.
  • For frustration Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan is a much used and loved formula. 
  • For feelings of “stuckness” and “constraint” perhaps with severe lethargy and bouts of anger take a look at Shi Yi Wen Dan Tang
  • For “stuckness and constraint” that is also inhibiting the body and body functions then Yue Ju Wan (Escape Constraint Formula) can be wonderful. 

On our products page we also have a list of popular anxiety formulas about half way down the page.






Thanks to Joel Penner with permission to reproduce much of this information from American Dragon. com




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