Fang Ji (Aristolochia) vs. Fang Ji (Stephania)

There are two herbs with similar names in China.

  1. Guang Fang Ji (Rx. Aristolochia)
  2. Han Fang Ji (Rx. Stephania Tetrandra)

Both of these herbs are roots and when these roots are diced up it can be difficult to visually differentiate between the two.

Knowing which you have can be important too, aristolochic acid (found only in the Guang Fang Ji – Aristolochia plant) is not good for the kidneys. However the Stephania root is an excellent diuretic and very safe to use.

Fortunately we have chemical analysis to know for sure which one we have.

Tianjiang Pharmaceutical company, the upstream provider of the Rx. Stephania used at Eagle Herbs provides certification.  This company supplies nearly 75% of the integrated hospitals in China with their herb granules, the exact same granules that we use at

We want you to feel comfortable with our products, and while it is impossible to remove all risk from anything we stick into our mouths (including food from your neighborhood grocer) we can at least do our best to remain transparent with our safety processes.

Here’s more about safety of our herbal products.