Below are some Special Exclusively Eagleherb Formulas


Acceptance for that True Love that didn’t work out.

Super Calm bottle 2 oz
Super Calm

Super Calm is a very soothing liquid formula for sleep and anxiety.

Combines two formulas (Gan Mai Da Zao and Suan Zao Rent Tang)

Anx is another very calming formula.

Cicada Clear This is kind of a wacky one that Al thought up for tattoos that are bothersome… in the first stages or after removal.

“Custom Clearing” For getting things moving in the bowel department. 

 Digestive Support #2 One of many for the stomach. 

 Easy Flow For Men Only. Helps Urination and helps Something only Men have but don’t often touch. 

Eye Bright Supports Healthy Eyes

Take a break from your coffee break

 Coffee Break Break A Coffee substitute using a classic formula- Si Wu Tang

Preventer – For when you think you might be catching something.

Hot Sweating Here we have several that are used for Women around the age of 49 give or take a little.

Hot Sweating Plus for when you need a little more comfort:

Liver Helper To Support the Liver function in special cases- it is NOT a “liver cleanse”. If you want please this contact me. 

3 in 1 FacialFacial Serum Sold in our Market Place featuring 3 in 1 Facial Serum by my friends Kirsten Cowen of Angelica and Peony

 These are some CD’s I made for my acupuncture treatment rooms.

Very relaxing stuff.

J100J100Music for Acupuncture: 2 60 minute CD’s I made for my treatment room.