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This is great overall formula for many coughs. For a cough that might have thick, white or yellow phlegm and a tightness and discomfort of the chest. A classic formula with no Ma Huang.

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From an article translated by Michael Max from writings by Dr Jiang Tong in the Lantern magazine for Chinese Medicine “Ding Chuan Tang (Arrest Wheezing Decoction) belongs to the category of formulas that treats cough due to phlegm-heat obstruction. This phlegm is not easy to expectorate and there is very clear wheezing and difficulties with breathing. When severe there will be a raspy noise in the throat. Whether the problem is due to an external invasion or an old chronic condition that has flared up, in addition to bronchitis, cases with a state of bronchial asthma are appropriate targets for this formula.”

12 Bai Guo – Ginkgo Nut – Semen Ginkgo

12 Sang Bai Pi – Mulberry Bark – Cortex Mori

12  Jie Geng – Platycodon – Radix Platycodonis

12 Zi su zi – Perilla frutescens fruit

8 Xing Ren – Apricot Seed – Semen Armeniacae Amarum

8 Huang Qin – Scutellaria – Radix Scutellariae

8 Ban Xia – Pinellia – Rhizoma Pinelliae (prepared)

8 Gan Cao – Licorice Root – Radix Glycyrrhizae

12 Bai Bu – Stemona Root – Radix Stemonae

8 Zi Wan – Aster Root – Radix Asteris

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