Achy Breaky Stomach


This formula provides herbal support for indigestion and a variety of other gastric complaints. Please choose carefully whether capsules or powder and sizes. Thanks.

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Details of Achy Breaky Stomach
Wu Zhu Yu (little purple seeds) makes this formula great for stress-induced nausea too.

About this formula

Stress got you bloated?

Bloating giving you stress?


This formula provides herbal support for indigestion and a variety of other gastric complaints. Specifically, bloating, gas (without a very strong odor), stress-induced ulcer or gastritis, heartburn, abdominal bloating and a lack of appetite due to the sense that your tummy is always full. Other functions of this formula can apply to certain abdominal complaints that arise from the menstruation such as bloating, gas, gastrointestinal upset and even breast tenderness. It can also have a positive effect on the moodiness of PMS, though that is a secondary effect. The primary focus of this formula is in the abdomen.

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Ingredients of Achy Breaky Stomach

Chai Hu 柴胡 hare’s ear root, thorowax root, bupleurum Radix Bupleuri [caution]

  • Spreads qi. This is a simple function, when you feel bloated, this is qi stagnation. This ends up looking a little bit like calming the enteric nervous system from the biomedical perspective.

Chen Pi 陳皮 aged tangerine peel, citrus Citri reticulatae Pericarpium

  • This aged tangerine peel is good for stomach gurgling, but it also is another move-qi herb. Tastes like tangerine too, which is pretty good for a Chinese herb.

Qing Pi 青皮 unripe tangerine peel, green tangerine peel, blue citrus Citri reticulatae viride Pericarpium

  • This is that tangerine peel again, but instead of it being aged from a ripened fruit, this peel comes from an unripened peel which has a stronger function of eliminating qi stagnation.

Hou Po 厚朴 magnolia bark Cortex Magnoliae Officinalis [use caution if pregnant]

  • Another anti-bloating herb that works by moving the qi and also drying dampness. Damp is all that gurgling that you hear when you’re bloated.

Chuan Lian Zi 川楝子 toosendan fruit, Sichuan chinabery, Sichuan Pagoda tree Meliae Toosendan Fructus

  • This is the first of two herbs that actually regulate the “Liver and Spleen” which, in biomedical terms would be like saying “nervous system” and “intestinal movement.” That’s a good thing for your bloating.

Wu Zhu Yu 吳茱萸 evodia fruit Fructus Evodiae Rutaecarpae

  • Like Chuan Lian Zi above, this herb is used for when stress affects the functions of the stomach and intestines. This herb actually extends the benefits of this formula to include stress-induced nausea or vomiting. It’s essentially the same issue as the bloating problem. Stress prevents the intestines (including the stomach) from moving correctly.
Adult Dosage

    Eagle Herbs is now supplying a 2 gram “little spoon”. (Please wash and dry before using.)

    An “average dose” is 10 grams per day of the granules or 20 capsules.

    A Big Dosage for Short-lived but intense issues: 3 little spoons (12 capsules) twice a day.

    A Smaller Dosage for Lingering low-grade concerns: 2 little spoons (8 capsules) twice a day.

    If you are very sensitive to medicines: start out low (1/2 little spoon or 2 capsules) once per day, and raise the dosage each day.

    We find that people find the right dosage for themselves: what feels good for them and they get the results they are looking for.

Your order will last approximately this long:

  • 100 grams powder (capsules or powder): 8 to 25 days
  • 200 grams powder (powder only): 19 to 56 days
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