Stephania and Astragalus Combination (fang ji huang qi tang)


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Details of Stephania and Astragalus Combination
Astragalus helps the body excrete fluids for swollen tissues.

Astragalus helps the body excrete fluids for swollen tissues.

Alternative Names

  • fang ji huang qi tang
  • fang yi huang qi tang
  • Fangji and Astragalus Decoction
  • fang chi huang chi tang
  • boi ogi to


  • helps to astringe sweat in those who sweat very easily – sometimes for no reason
  • regulates fluid metabolism in those with a tendency toward edema or obesity
  • promotes fluid circulation in the knees and intestines.
  • promotes joint health, especially in the knees
  • supports

This is one of those ancient formulas (from the year 220 AD) that has been getting rediscovered in modern times. The basic function of this formula is addressing swollen tissues thanks to its diuretic functions. These actions are also being touted as a safe and effective weight management herbal formula.

When joints are surrounded by stagnant fluids, the flow of qi and blood through these areas is compromised and that’s what causes pain and neuralgia (pins and needles sensations). Hence, the goal of this formula is to regulate the body fluids to improve the flow of qi and blood. These herbs aren’t known to be directly analgesic, but they are all about the metabolism of water in the body. Because of the added quantity of water in the body, sensations of heaviness and fatigue are common.

This formula is encouraged for those with a delicate constitution. Images at associated with this body-type tend to be slender, however there are plenty of overweight or obese individuals who are just as delicate as those who lack enough body weight. This formula is really well suited to those who are delicate and overweight as they have a higher incidence of edema or swelling in the knees or intestines.

ireland-mountain-smStephania and Astragalus Combination (Fang Ji Huang Qi Tang) is a well-balanced formula that regulates the body’s fluid metabolism from all three sources of fluids according to Chinese medical theory.

  1. The upper source of fluids is the Lungs. When the Lungs are imbalanced, the outcome is “superficial edema” meaning excessive fluids just beneath the skin. In this formula, Huang Qi (Astragalus) regulates the Lung function.
  2. The middle source of fluids is the Spleen. When the Spleen and its partner organ (the Stomach) are out of balance, the outcome can be excessive abdominal fluids or edema. In this formula, the Spleen and Stomach are regulated by Bai Zhu (Atractylodes), Zhi Gan Cao (Honey baked Licorice root), and Sheng Jiang (Ginger root).
  3. The lower source of fluids is the Kidneys. When the Kidneys and its partner organ (the Bladder) are imbalanced, the outcome is edema in the knees and legs. In this formula, Han Fang ji (Stephania) regulates the functions of these organs to maintain appropriate fluid metabolism.


Han Fang Ji 漢防己 stephania root Radix Stephaniae Tetrandrae [safety note]

Bai Zhu 白术 , bai shu ovate atractylodes, (white) atractylodes rhizome [supports pregnancy]

  • These two herbs support healthy fluid metabolism in the knees, joints, and entire body. They regulate urinary output.

Huang Qi 黃耆 astragalus root, milk-vetch root, milkvetch root Astragali Radix

  • This is another fluid metabolism herb, though it works through a different mechanisms as the two listed above. This herb is really beneficial to the (Chinese medicine) functions of the Lungs. The Lungs are said to be the “upper source” of water in the body. When the Lungs work correctly, it allows fluids to be properly distributed and then excreted.
  • The pattern that this formula is best suited to can also produce spontaneous sweating or a tendency to sweat very easily, even in the absence of emotional stress or physical activity. This particular herb is used to strengthen the “wei qi” which is the qi that controls the opening and closing of the skin pores, thus regulating the sweat glands. This wei qi is also said to warm and protect one from wind. When there’s a lack of wei qi, there is an aversion to wind or drafts.

Zhi Gan Cao 炙甘草 licorice root Radix Glycyrrhizae prep. [caution]

  • This herb is very sweet which make any harsh actions of the other herbs in this formula more gentle. We call this action “harmonization”. This herb also supports the digestion, considered one cause of the edema and fluid metabolism issues that this formula addresses.

Da Zao 大棗 jujube, Chinese date Jujubae Fructus

Sheng Jiang 生薑 fresh ginger rhizome Zingiberis Rhizoma

  • These two herbs, used together, support the Huang Qi (Astragalus) above in regulating the opening and closing of the pores of skin. These two herbs, along with licorice root mentioned above also support the functions of the Stomach and Spleen, thus giving one supporting one’s innate energy, lung capacity and muscle mass.
Recommended for these body types:


Slightly Delicate

Slightly Delicate



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Adult Dosage
  • Eagle Herbs is now supplying a 2 gram “little spoon”. (Please wash and dry before using.)
      • An “average dose” is 10 grams per day of the granules. This means 5 “little spoons” or 20 capsules each day. Each capsule is 1/2 gram. 
      • A Big Dosage for Short-lived but intense issues: 3 little spoons (12 capsules) twice a day.
      • A Smaller Dosage for Lingering low-grade concerns: 2 little spoons (8 capsules) twice a day. 
      • If you are very sensitive to medicines: start out low (1/2 little spoon or 2 capsules) once per day, and raise the dosage each day.

      We find that people find the right dosage for themselves. We don’t know your body weight, your sensitivity etc… So take what feels good for you and you get the results you are looking for. Many people get great results with taking less. 

      Your order will last approximately this long:

      • 50 grams powder (100 capsules) : 4 to 14 days.
      • 100 grams powder (200 capsules) : 8 to 28 days
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Post Disclaimer

Eagleherbs formulas are sold directly to consumers and not for resale. Consumers are assumed to have researched for the best formula for themselves and checked with their health care providers as to interactions with existing medications and conditions.

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