The formulas mentioned in the Psoriasis Formula Finder regulate particular body systems to promote the emergence of smooth, moist, skin.

The way in which these formulas work are by the following treatment principles:

  1. Clear heat (for red skin)
  2. Activate the blood circulation (for purple or brown skin)
  3. Nourish the blood or body fluids (for dryness)
  4. Disperse wind (for itchiness)
  5. Disperse wind-damp (for wet itchiness)
  6. Regulate ying and wei (for dry skin)
  • Clear internal heat
    • Heat makes the skin red. Red skin suggests that there is heat in the body.
    • When something is running too hot inside the body, it can create the color red on the surface and this includes the skin. Red skin means heat, though where that heat is coming from has yet to be determined.
    • Heat can arise from the digestive tract which begins at the mouth and ends at the anus.
      • Heat in the large intestine can damage the fluids there giving rise to dry poop and constipation.
      • Constipation from other causes can also cause its own heat.
    • Heat can be found in the blood too, this can show up looking like red colored psoriasis that appears along with gynecological irregularities such as heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • Activate blood
    • Blood stagnation causes brown or purple psoriasis
  • Nourish blood and/or yin (body fluids)
    • A lack of blood or body fluids causes dry skin
      • This is kind of a no-brainer. However before we seek to moisturize the skin from the inside, we’ll want to make sure there is no heat there that needs to be removed concurrently. If you add heat to water, it’ll evaporate more quickly. Heat in the body also damages the blood or body fluids.
    • Treat the blood to treat the wind
      • This is an ancient saying in Chinese medicine that says if you have itchy skin, that’s due to wind getting under the skin. However to avoid that wind invasion, you should get more blood into the skin. So, nourishing the blood can also address itchiness. More below:
  • Disperse wind or wind-damp
    • Wind in the skin causes itching. Wind-damp causes itching that “weeps” or feels wet.
      • In Western culture we talk about “catching a cold”. In Chinese medicine you can catch a cold, a wind, or a damp. “Wind” looks like allergies, but also itchy influences. So, when the skin itches, we’ll seek to get the “wind” out of the skin. Wind-damp too, same thing.
  • Harmonize ying and wei
    • This means to support sweat and oil secretions in the skin. Most applicable to those with very dry skin.
      • Ying is the fluids that circulate beneath the skin and are supposed to be secreted whenever the skin gets dry.
      • Wei is the function of the skin pores to open and close correctly so as to allow the skin to be moisturized, but not get all sweaty or oily.
      • When ying and wei (translates to nutritive and defensive) are regulated, the skin is appropriately nourished.
      • Sometimes dry skin is due to a deficiency of blood or body fluids, but other times it is more of a superficial issue whereby the skin’s functions are compromised leading to dry skin.
      • Example formulas: