Chun Ze Tang Spring Pond Decoction



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春澤湯  Chun Ze Tang “Spring Pond Decoction”

English Name

  • Spring Pond Decoction


  • 桂枝 Gui Zhi cinnamon twig
  • 柴胡 Chai Hu bupleurum
  • 茯苓 Fu Ling poria
  • 豬苓 Zhu Ling polyporus
  • 澤瀉 Ze Xie alisma rhizome
  • 人蔘 Ren Shen ginseng root
  • 白术 Bai Zhu atractylodes
  • 麥門冬 Mai Men Dong ophiopogon

This formula treats the accumulation of water.

This formula is attributed to the famous Sun Si Miao and is recorded in the Secret Text of Extraordinarily Effective Beneficial Formulas From Across the Seas. Nice title for a book, don’t you think?!

Sun Si Miao is one the “great, great etc… grandads of Chinese Medicine and died around 680 AD. There is a quote attributed to him that goes somewhat like thisA Great doctor  shouldn’t pay attention to status, wealth or age of the patient. He shouldn’t care whether the particular person is attractive or unattractive, an enemy or friend, a Chinese or a foreigner, or finally, if he is uneducated or educated. He should meet everyone on an equal basis. He should always act as if the patient were one of his close relatives.”

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Weight 120 g
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