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Chinese Herbs and Formulas sold directly to consumers.

Now using vegetarian capsules. 

Since 2012 Eagleherbs was created and run by professional and licensed herbalists. 

We specialize in making custom Chinese Herbal formulas that cannot found elsewhere online. (And we also make the standard formulas pretty good too.) 

Our herbs are medicinal grade granules,  the same as used in hospitals in Japan, Taiwan, mainland China, Europe and throughout the world.  These are not weaker pressed herb “tablets” which you might find on the shelves in a supermarket.

August 2023 – For International and Canadian orders I’ve reduced the rate by about $20. We are still using USPS but not Express. This means orders may be slower by several days. Lets see how it goes. 

JULY 2023

Chinese Medicine has a specific herbal formula for those recovering from extreme heat conditions. It is not preventative but may be important to have on hand and taken in the days after the problem which we call “Summer Heat”. Qing Shu Yi Qi Tang.  

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We use the small plastic spoon on the left to measure the granules. One spoonful is 2 grams and one spoonful is the same as 4 of our “0” sized capsules.PICTURE OF SPOONS. WITH A Link to a new page describing dosages of our herbs

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LINK: Your custom formulas are available here.

Why is our site different? We make each of our formulas from “scratch” and so we can make custom formulas that are made from Chinese Herbs.

If you are ordering outside of the USA or Canada read this link about our international shipping policy.Read about out international policy https://eagleherbs.com/uncategorized/international-orders-16323/Read more about cough on our page devoted to cough. 

Read about the difference between capsules and powders: LINK: What is the difference between capsules or powders? (Hint: they are the same)

If you can’t find a formula send me an email. 

We make each formula for you individually from the individual herbs. This allows us to offer a wide range of formulas as well as customize your formula. For this reason (and general safety and legal issues) we cannot offer refunds on formulas. (You wouldn’t want herbs that had been returned to us, would you?)

If you have problems send me an email: service@eagleherbs.com or give me a call or text.



Link: Eagleherbs and American Dragon

Contact us at Service@eagleherbs.com or 310-403-7018 (this is my private phone so leave a message if I don’t answer). Email is best.  Email me at – service@eagleherbs.com

Eagleherbs.com is the creation of Al Loren Stone. Before he passed on he passed it on to Douglas Eisenstark.

An interesting You Tube video from Charles Buck, a British acupuncturist about CM and science.