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Since 2012 Eagleherbs was created and run by professional and licensed herbalists.


When Things get Hot we have this formula for Summer Heat:

Qing Shu yi Qi Tang…. search in the box to the right: https://eagleherbs.com/product/clear-summer-heat-and-augment-the-qi-decoction-qing-shu-yi-qi-tang/

Our most popular formulas for 2021/22: 

LINK: Jin Shui Huan Xian

LINK: Fei Fu Wan

If you are having post-Covid or “long haul Covid”  may be able to help with herbs. Let me know.

LINK: What is the difference between capsules or powders? (Hint: they are the same)

If you can’t find a formula send me an email. 

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If you have problems send me an email service@eagleherbs.com or give me a call or text.

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We use the small plastic spoon on the left to measure the granules. One spoonful is 2 grams and the same as 4 of our capsules.

Link: Eagleherbs and American Dragon

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Eagleherbs.com is the creation of Al Loren Stone. Before he passed on he passed it on to Douglas Eisenstark.