International Orders

International Orders


[International Shipping]

Sorry…. this is not a good news page… We have successfully shipped to lots of countries. We can do Canada no problem. If you are in England I can refer you to a friend who can help you out. We sell a fair amount to Australia a fair amount. But the shipping costs internationally is expensive. Usually $65US – and you may incur custom charges.

 If you have friends in the USA and they buy and send them to you as gifts is an option that might help at customs. There are also export companies that can expedite your order. Latin American customers have been using this. I assume it works well. 

Customers have asked if we can send the herbs as “gifts” to get around this but we can’t do that legally (we subscribe to the Bob Dylan quote: “To live outside the law, you must be honest”).

So Yes, we do ship internationally but due to many country’s import regulations, we cannot guarantee that your international order will go through or that you will get hit with a customs fee.  Unfortunately, we cannot issue a refund of any kind for orders seized, returned, taxed or destroyed by Customs. Refunds will  not be issued. You, the buyer assumes all risk. Sorry.

We put a label on the outside of each international package which says: “For personal use only – not for resale – no commercial value

Please understand that we make our formulas just for you. When they are returned, sometimes months later, the herbs are useless to us and we have lost all the money we refund to you and the herbs it took to create them. 

For example, if you have ordered $300 worth of herbs and you do not receive the herbs you will have lost $300. We, at Eagleherbs cannot recoup the cost of the herbs, the labor and the shipping costs.

AGAIN: WE WILL NOT REFUND ANY MONEY FOR HERBS THAT YOUR COUNTRY MAY HAVE REFUSED, RETURNED TO US OR GIVEN A HIGH TARIFF ON. Believe me I wish it were otherwise. Sorry, a fair amount of Eagleherbs came from international sales and I hate to lose this business but I feel have to warn you. I would love to keep your business but this is the situation.

We only ship through the United State Postal Service (USPS). It is the least expensive and I’ve explored a lot of other options. We are a very small company. Other (huge) companies such as iHerb are probably shipping from countries with special rates that were created for Asian countries to stimulate trade. Here is an article from the Washington Post which explains so things.