Dosages and How to Take

How much do I take?

This is our most Frequently Asked Question and its also the hardest one to answer. I admit Eagleherbs has been inconsistent in our instructions. One reason is because our “little spoons” are relatively new and came in different sizes for a while. As well there is a lot of confusion about what a “tea spoon” is and how big it is.

Herbs in thermoses going to patients at Zhang San Hospital Shanghai, China 1995

I suggest starting with 1 little spoon (enclosed) or 4 capsules in the morning and if you feel fine (or better!) then do the same again in the late afternoon.

The main thing is to take what feels good for you. These herbs are more like foods than western medical drugs. That means there is a lot more latitude and may depend on your size, your age and the nature of your illness.

I gotten only a few complaints about taking too much (or too little). You can’t “overdose” – if so the body will react as if you ate the wrong food. Meaning either a headache, stomach ache, throwing up or diarrhea. But I don’t want to plant that in your head! I just want to reassure you.

I would suggest you don’t take the herbs just before bed as no matter what the formula it may “spark” up your Qi/ energy. Later you can try it later the evening.

Again: I suggest starting with 1 spoon or 4 capsules in the morning and if you feel fine (or better!) then do the same again in the late afternoon. Some people take 3 spoons twice a day once they know they can handle it. Now that is 12 capsules 2x a day which can overload a system so you wouldn’t probably take that much. Realistically people don’t take the herbs three times a day but if you have an acute problem (such as pain) then you may want to.

It doesn’t matter if before or after meals. Obviously if your formula is for “food stagnation” then take your herbs (like Bao He Wan) right after a meal. Whatever feels right for you.

How to take the powder?

Put it in warm water or juice or applesauce etc and stir every once in a while for 10 minutes. Drink and enjoy. Some people claim all the “good stuff” is in the water and the mud at the bottom of the cup can be discarded. Personally I like getting it all down. Others simply take the dry powder, put it on their tongue and chase it down with some water.

For pets (or you!) you can put it in their food.