Shipping Rates & Speeds


Shipments from EagleHerbs arrive courtesy of the good folks of the United States Postal Service’s Priority Mail service. We send International Orders by Priority Express. See the note below.

USPS Priority Mail shipping and handling:

  • Shipping within the USA: $8.50(USPS)
  • Shipping to Canada: $39.50
  • Shipping to all other countries: $ depending on the country and amount. We ship Priority Express – it is often $65US. 

We encourage you to use an address that is secure as we accept no responsibility for the package after it has been delivered by the USPS.

Good news: On orders big enough to require a box Eagleherbs actually ships for less than we charge in order to use a larger box. We figure that the extra order is worth the slight hit we take on this cost.


We may send you an email for orders outside of North America. Please respond to the email if you still want the order to go through. If you do not respond we may still send it and you will be responsible for the order.

Yes, we do ship internationally although it is getting harder and harder to do so (except for Canada which is no problem). Actually, it is fairly easy for us to ship but harder and harder for you to get them. Many countries are not allowing supplements in at all (France) and those that do may impose heavy custom fees. Spain can be up to $100 for a small bottle. We have had several shipments refused in Brazil. We will not ship now to Brazil.

Due to many country’s import regulations, we cannot guarantee that your order will go through.

Unfortunately, we cannot issue a refund of any kind for orders seized, returned or destroyed by Customs. Refunds will  not be issued.

Please understand that we make our formulas just for you. When they are returned, sometimes months later, the herbs are useless to us and we have lost all the money we refund to you and the herbs it took to create them. For example, if you have ordered $300 worth of herbs and you do not receive the herbs you will have lost $300. We, at Eagleherbs will have lost the cost of the herbs, the labor and the shipping costs.

 AGAIN: WE WILL NOT REFUND ANY MONEY FOR HERBS THAT YOUR COUNTRY MAY HAVE REFUSED, RETURNED TO US OR GIVEN A HIGH TARIFF ON. Believe me I wish it were otherwise. Sorry, a fair amount of Eagleherbs came from international sales and I hate to lose this business but I feel have to warn you. I would love to keep your business but this is the situaton.

Customers have asked if we can send the herbs as “gifts” to get around this but we can’t do that legally (we subscribe to the Bob Dylan quote: “To live outside the law, you must be honest”). If you have friends in the USA and they buy and send them to you as gifts, well: thats out of our hands. I am looking for distributors in places like England, Ireland and Australia as well as the European countries who might be able to help.

How long will herbs take to get to you outside of the US? The following are representative of actual time periods necessary. These are measured in continuous days from when the order was sent from Eagle Herbs to the day that it is recorded as delivered. These day numbers include time spent in customs and weekends. We ship our herbs overseas as “health supplements”. Again, note that EU countries are tightening up on regulations on herbal supplements causing delays at customs.

  • Australia: 9 – 20 days
  • Belgium: 13 days
  • Canada: 8 – 12 days
  • Costa Rica: 12 – 13 days
  • Estonia: Customs refused shipment, unknown reason :(
  • Finland: 7 days
  • France: 7 – 19 days
  • Germany: 10 days
  • Greece: 8 days
  • Hong Kong: 12 – 34 days
  • Hungary: 15 days
  • India: 12 – 25 days
  • Ireland: 9 – 14 days
  • Malaysia: 7 – 8 days
  • Netherlands: 8 – 17 days
  • New Zealand: 9 days
  • Norway: 7 – 26 days
  • South Africa: Customs refused shipment, unknown reason :(
  • Slovenia: 9 – 13 days
  • Spain: 9 days
  • Sweden: 10 – 15 days
  • Switzerland: 7 days
  • Thailand: 11 days
  • United Kingdom: 9 – 19 days
  • United Arab Emirates: 6 days
  • Vietnam: 16 days