Hot Flashes Formula Finder

Much has been made of black cohash or tang kuei in the treatment of hot flashes. While some Chinese herbs have been touted as miracle cures for every woman’s menopausal symptoms, the highest form of treatment does not take one herb and give it to every woman.

Each woman needs a different combination of herbs to address their unique symptoms and body type. Hot flashes are part of a pattern for which there are specific formulas that are amazingly effective.

These formulas don’t just address the transitory sensation of heat, but all of the symptoms that arise such as palpitations, headaches, anxiety, dizziness, back pain, etc.


These are our formulas often used for menopausal symptoms:

Start here with mild issues: Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan-…i-di-huang-wan-5682/ 

For more severe night sweats due to menopausal type symptoms check out these stronger formulas-

Menopausal Thermal Chill Pills: 

For more Emotional Aspects:

An Even Stronger Heat Clearer- Hot Sweating Plus:


These formulas don’t work as quickly as hormone replacement therapy, however they are not associated with adverse events such as breast cancer, either. In the event that one’s hot flashes are intense or numerous enough to necessitate the use of hormone replacement therapy, herbal medicines can be added to the hormone therapy which can then be slowly down-dosed as the hot flashes are controlled or subside. Improvement in hot flashes and other symptoms are often noted after 2-3 weeks of administration of the appropriate Chinese herbal formula.

Take your time, think about your answers, if you’re unsure about them or at the end the results are not clear, consider a customized formula from Eagle Herbs.

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