The Path of the Zhong Yi (Chinese internal medicine doctor)

Al Stone, L.Ac., DAOMAl’s original statement:

I’m Doctor Al Stone, a licensed acupuncturist in the state of California with a doctorate level education (DAOM) in Oriental medicine.

I am a “Zhong Yi” or practitioner of Chinese internal medicine using herbs exclusively.

Since 1995, I’ve maintained a strong presence online and have worked with individuals all over the world to help folks get the best herbal formula for their unique issues.

Customized formulas is the most valuable service we provide here. While there are some premade one-size-fits-all formulas available, my training and experience is actually focused on custom crafting an herbal formula that exactly matches your particular needs.

There are many herbs and formulas that address any symptom or any cause. However, lining up the right herbs for your underlying cause and its symptoms as they manifest in your case is what separates the counter-help from the “Zhong Yi” (pronounced jong yee) as they call us in China.

The modern doctors that we see today evolved from two kinds of medical specialties in the 1800’s. They were the surgeons and the pharmacists. Today, the pharmacists have become the internal medicine doctors (not including doctors who work in pharmacies, of course), while the surgeons have pretty much remained surgeons.

In Chinese or Oriental medicine, the same thing can be said. Acupuncturists are like surgeons while the Zhong Yi Chinese internal medicine herbalists are more like the pharmacists or the internal medicine doctors of the west.

There is little knowledge of the Zhong Yi Chinese internal medicine doctor in the USA, however in every integrated hospital and nearly every street corner herb shop in China there are Zhong Yi doctors working with patients with herbs, often times along side Western drug therapies.

Eagle Herbs customized formulas walks this path of the Zhong Yi, the Chinese internal medicine doctor.

Here’s a quick explanation of the services at Eagle Herbs:

  • If you have a question send us an  email and I will direct you toward one or another traditional unmodified herbal formulas. You can also call for a quick assessment and some direction on how to go about getting what you need.
  • The customized formula: this includes a telephone chat, an interpretation of your tongue’s appearance, and a formula customized to your specific needs. There is a cost but it results in better outcomes.
  • The premade Eagle Herbs formulas: these can be the formulas made for unique situations not otherwise addressed in traditional Chinese medicine (for man-boobs as an example). Many of these are described on the left side of this page.
  • Traditional Chinese herbal formulas: you may have been directed to pick up one of these by your own Chinese medicine practitioner, or perhaps you heard about one from some recent research study.

Be well, be VERY well.