Terms ‘n Conditions

If your purchase is damaged in the mail a free replacement will be sent.

All damage claims must be made within 30 days of purchase.

It should be noted that in the 20 years that we’ve been sending out herbs, this hasn’t happened more than twice. Herbs are sent out in resilient plastic bottles. Damage in postage just doesn’t come up.

However the efficacy, taste, and other functional realities of an herbal formula is not something that we can guarantee. There are simply too many variables outside of our control such as your compliance (did you take the medicine?) and sometimes unreasonable expectations.

A good example of unreasonable expectations would be thinking that a problem that has been around for 30 years should go away after taking herbs for one dose or day or even one month. However we do want to give you a better idea of what reasonable expectations can be made, and we do that through our wildly popular Prognosis-O-Matic.

We have a lot of formulas and we need to update the prices as herb prices fluctuate. This is all done “by hand” and occasionally we make mistakes. If there is a mistake in pricing we reserve the right to refund your money for that item at that price (including all shipping etc..) In other words: you get your money back, I correct the price and you can decide if you still want to buy at the new price.