When to Choose Herbs Over Drugs


Herbs and drugs both have their place.

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

At EagleHerbs we really don’t have a problem with drugs. There are times when they’re the right choice, and times when well…

It’s exactly the same with herbs. We work with about 350 herbs and each one has a particular situation in which it most shines.

We assume that besides coming here to Eagleherbs.com you are taking care of yourself. Getting a check-up never hurts if you feel something is wrong. At least then your 1. husband 2. parent 3. wife 4. doctor 5. friend 6. child etc… won’t be bugging you about getting it “checked out”.

When we line up the right herbal formula with a given condition, the results can be extraordinary. But it is important to look at the root cause, not just the branch symptoms.

For example: following list of chest pain scenarios illustrates how each herb has a specific context well beyond the symptom of “chest pain” or “angina”.

  • chest pain that is aggravated by cold. (good news, it tastes great too, it’s cinnamon twig!)
  • chest pain associated with hard sticky phlegm in the chest.
  • chest pain associated with soft easily expectorated phlegm.
  • chest pain due to atherosclerosis (see hard sticky phlegm herbs, actually)
  • chest pain associated with anxiety or heart palpitations.
  • chest pain aggravated by activity, or due to an obstruction to the coronary artery. Yes, we can treat this, however this might also be one of those times when drugs or more heroic measures are warranted.

Not all chest pain requires immediate surgery. Many folks are somewhere in between baby aspirin and nitroglycerin for their chest pain, and this is where Chinese herbs shine.

Of course, for a condition such as chest pain, you’ll want to visit with your physician first. Where I encourage the use of herbs is when you have time to explore alternatives. If you don’t, do what your physician suggests.

Be well, be VERY well.