Allergens and Sensitivities

In general I find people are less sensitive to our granule and capsules because they go through processing process first. Our “binder” materials are made with non-allergenic cellulose and contain no soy. However, here is a list compiled by the Jade Institute.

Wheat gluten
Fu Xiao Mai (Floating wheat)
Shen Qu (Massa fermentata)

Mai Ya (Sprouted barley)
Yi Tang (barley malt sugar)

Dan Dou Chi (Prepared soybean)

Processed with soybean or soy oil
E Jiao (Donkey-hide glue)
Lu Jiao Jiao (Deer antler glue)
He Shou Wu (Polygonum multiflorum)

Tree Nuts
Bai Guo (Gingko nut)
He Tao Ren (Walnut)
Song Zi Ren (Pine nut)

Seeds or kernels believed to be from species of trees that could potentially trigger a reaction in those with nut allergies
Xing Ren (Apricot kernel)
Shen Qu (Massa fermentata) commonly contains Xing Ren (Apricot kernel)
Tao Ren (Peach kernel)