Consultation with Herbs

Get a custom Chinese Herbal Formula and get the right formula without the guess work.

Before there were telephones or the internet, Chinese doctors often consulted with patients through correspondence. We can’t yet read the pulse through the mail but we can send pictures of the person and tongue with one or two clicks. 

You can order a consultation from me with or without herbs. The cost for a consultation only will be $65, which you can purchase HERE

If you ordered a custom formula from us before then you can reorder here. Please tell us the date, order number, special name etc… so we can get you the right one.


  • Doing research online to locate the right formula for you can be daunting, confounding, irritating. That’s why Eagle Herbs provides a telephone consultation service for those who have no Chinese medicine practitioners in their area. Consultations consist of a 15-45 minute telephone conversationsand include up to 4 follow-up emails and/or telephone consultations. Foreign orders can be done through WhatsApp. 
  • If you have a refill, let me know by email ( with the history of the order. If you have the old bottle please tell us the date and the order number. If need be, let me know of any changes that you feel need to be made.
  • This is a paid service where we can talk either by phone or email. Generally the consultations are 1/2 hour to 45 minutes long. You will receive 100 grams of granules. (If you just want information or general advice you can email me at To get things rolling you can start by describing your issues here. You can be as detailed as you want. Please tell me what your body/mind feels. Let me know the history - when did it start, how severe is the problem? Any significant changes to your life a few weeks or month before the problem came up? Any western diagnosis is interesting but not vital. You are welcome to send me a picture of your tongue and your face to help me get an idea of what is going on.

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Eagle Herbs consultations can be made by ordering below and then emailing and we’ll set up a telephone conversation. I may ask that you email me a picture of your face and tongue before the telephone call.


Purchase a Consultation w/Herbs:

  • Consultation w/ 100 grams go HERE
  • Consultation w/ 200 grams go HERE
  • Consultation w/100 capsules go HERE
  • Consultation w/200 capsules go HERE