Welcome to the Eagle Herbs free-consultation page. After you answer some questions and (usually) within just a few hours or the next day, you’ll get some great ideas on how to go about addressing your concerns with the fabulous Chinese herbal formulas available here. I’ll read through each one and address your specific needs in my email response to you. Take a look at the formulas and see if they resonate with you.

If you still have questions and feel you need a full telephone (paid) consultation with Marie Yuan please check this page:
Having a paid consultation can actually save money as Marie can really help you either find the right formula the first time or write a custom formula just for you!

Estimated time necessary to complete this self-test is 5 to 15 minutes depending on your answers. Some of the answers to the questions below will display a bunch of follow up questions, so it can take longer if you have a bunch of symptoms. I suggest you answer from top to bottom and you can skip any that don’t apply.

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You may find a lot of questions appearing over and over (such as if your symptom is aggravated by stress). That’s good! That means that many of your symptoms are due to one single issue. This makes it much easier to address with a single formula rather than a separate remedy for each symptom.

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