Modifications and Additions

All of our formulas are “made by hand”- that is we measure the percentage of the dosages of the different herbs and put them into a new bottle for you. This allows us to make modified formulas. (Its also why you see the numbers next to the herbs on the bottle.) Most often we simply add modifications onto the existing total and why you may get a bottle of 110 grams when you have only paid for 100 grams. When you are modifying the formulas you are paying for the change in the formula and not necessarily more herbs – although you often get more anyway. Other times, especially when capsules are involved, we may cut back on the formula somewhat to get all the herbs into the bottle and capsules and to get the right ratio of the formula to the modification. For example,if you put 4 modifications on top of a 100 capsule bottle then we couldn’t get all of the herbs into those capsules. And your herbs would be too heavily weighted towards the modifications and away from the actual formula.
Trust us that we want to make the formula effective for you health-wise. For that reason we don’t have a hard and fast rule about the modifications lest it get in the way of delivering the best product for your health.
Doug April, 2014