Asian culture is really big on honoring teachers. This has numerous benefits such as moderating one’s ego as well as shifting respect to elders, where it belongs.

On this page, I’d like to give my teachers (in the form of source texts) the respect that they deserve. These books have served as the inspiration behind this site. This is still a young site, more books will be added in the future.

Kampo Treatment for Climacteric Disorders,
Yoshiharu Shibata, M.D., and Jean Wu
Chinese Herbal Therapy – A Guide To Its Principles & Practice
by Takahide Kuwaki, M.D.
Natural Healing with Chinese Herbs
by Kisetsu Otsuka and Edited by Hong-yen Hsu of the Oriental Healing Arts Institute (“OHAI”).
Manual of Dermatology in Chinese Medicine
by Shen De-Hui, Wu Xiu-fen and Nissi Wang