Why order from Eagle Herbs?

Why order from Eagle Herbs?

We are a small DIY service for Chinese Herbs that sells directly to consumers. I (Doug)  have been licensed in Chinese Medicine since 1996 with a special emphasis on herbs. All the people I have helping me are also licensed acupuncturists and students who love working with herbs. That means that all of us can readily spot areas in our orders that need attention. Many times I have called patients to make sure they are getting the right formula for themselves. I readily suggest getting a small amount of a new formula to start with.

If you have a request for a formula we don’t have listed, and it doesn’t involve rare, dangerous or endangered ingredients we probably can make it for you.

We are not Amazon or one of those on-line companies that buys a warehouse full of pre-made boxes that they can send out the next day. Each one of our formulas is hand made and put into capsules if needed. If you have a big order it may take more time to order extra herbs from our distributors.

We don’t do well with rush orders or orders over the phone. Everyone of us working here has an acupuncture practice outside of Eagleherbs that needs attention as well. We maintain a schedule of making the formulas two to three times a week.

Our first commitment is to our customers health and then to the business aspects. Its been a struggle at times to maintain that balance but our focus is on you, the consumer.