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In 1995, Al Stone, initiated the first major website devoted exclusively to Chinese medicine known as acupuncture dot com. He was a dedicated herbalist and had an herbs only practice as well as acupuncture.

Although he regrettably sold to pay for a study trip to China, Al went on to create Soon after he began laying the foundation for Eagleherbs by way of Beyondwellbeing and In late May of 2013, Al Loren Stone L.Ac., DAOM, the founder and owner of Eagle Herbs, passed away. 

You can read more about this remarkable man at

Al was a very healthy guy but things happen. He got a disease that couldn’t be cured. During his last months Al asked me (Doug) to take over his baby, After a steep learning curve, we (me and his assistants) put things back up running and have changed a few things while continuing Eagle Herbs quality services. Eagle Herbs had been growing with the support of many loyal customers and we thank you for your understanding and for the many letters of appreciation we have received.

Al with his mentor Tiende Yang at Emperor's College. (photo by D. Eisenstark)

Al with his mentor Tiende Yang at Emperor’s College. (photo by D. Eisenstark)

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We are in Los Angeles. is the culmination of 20 years of working with clients all around the world. is here to help you make healthy and safe Chinese herbal choices.

Thanks again.
Douglas Eisenstark L.Ac.


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At EagleHerbs, we love the USA, and support the FDA’s goal of protecting consumers. However, this requires that we jump through some verbal hoops here at EagleHerbs to make legally sanctioned “structure-function” claims. In other words, we can regulate, stimulate, and support internal organs and their functions, but we cannot claim to fix most problems. Hopefully, we’ve achieved this goal.

EagleHerbs extracts powders are mixed into formulas and inserted into capsules in our Santa Monica, California offices. We can offer so many different variations and modifications of formulas because we mix them to order, one at a time. Your herbs are not aging in some gray warehouse.

Welcome to EagleHerbs. Be well, be VERY well.