Weight Loss and Chinese Herbs

Yi Mu Cao

Yi Mu Cao

Weight loss is a huge issue for many of us.

At Eagleherbs we have tended to stay away from offering strictly weightloss formulas because too many “internet herbs” are tacky if not down-right dangerous. But we do believe we can help a number of people if they are smart about taking their herbs as a total weight loss program.
For many people the age-old edict of “eat less exercise more” just doesn’t help. Sometimes even over exercise can create rising cortisol levels and more body fat.

I’m assuming that anyone who is serious about weight loss will look into these issues and concerns.

  • 1) thyroid and “puffiness”
  • 2) over-eating and improper eating
  • 3) eating late at night

Although thyroid problems are a catch-all for weight nevertheless it often plays a part.

1) Thyroid and “puffiness”:
In Chinese Medicine we would probably look at this formula for those with lower thyroid levels. Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang “raises” the qi and is thus used for chronic fatigue. Over use can cause jitteriness so be a bit careful if you start snapping at 1) your dog 2) your spouse 3) other drivers etc… Note that we don’t claim that this formula will directly affect the thyroid in any way.
From the Thyroid.org.

If you have had your thyroid checked out and have good levels, you may still feel you are puffy. Other signs might be a pale-ish skin, above 40 or 50 years old, sluggish and a general water retention. For that I would look into this formula: Fang Ji Huang Qi Tang. It also contains (like Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang) Huang Qi (astragalus) which helps raise the qi (and also be careful about jitters).

2) Over-eating and Improper eating:
For over-eating we have a number of formulas including my favorite: Bao He Wan. Others include Ping Wei San and Zhi Shi Ping Wei.

3) Eating late at night. Now your late at night might be totally different from my late at night. But the sooner you can have your last meal the better. If you just can’t do this because of your life style look into the overeating formulas mentioned above. They will help you digest what you have eaten.

There are ten zillion web sites on weight loss and some are good, most are to sell you crap. Its a difficult issue for many and there is no magic bullet. One of the best things Chinese Medicine has to offer is the advice is to eat only cooked or slightly warmed food. For overall health I would really suggest you cook your own or your families food as much as possible. Not only can you regulate what you get but how much. Unfortunately, many cuisines that we grew up with aren’t so good for us so we have to learn new things to cook. Change is good right?