Eagle Herbs Information

Eagleherbs Information

Eagleherbs was created by a licensed Acupuncturist and herbalist (Al Stone DAOM, L.Ac.)  in California to provide high quality Chinese Herbs directly to consumers. Unlike many on-line stores we individually make your formula rather than rely on a warehouse full of ready made boxes. This allows us to create an infinite number of classic and unique formulas. Before he passed away, Al passed it on to Douglas Eisenstark LAc. who has been in practice since 1996.


  • We sell Chinese herbal supplements. Our herbs come from respected sources – usually Legendary Herbs in Boulder Colorado who in turn uses the Tian Jian Company, one of biggest and most respected companies in China. We use safe and clean herbal granules (powder). We also do encapsulation (size 0) of the same granules.

 It is best to visit a Chinese Medicine herbalist. But we know that many people cannot get Chinese herbs where they live. That is why we created Eagle Herbs. 

Obviously, if you have a serious condition we strongly suggest you contact a western physician.

Who orders from Eagleherbs?

  1. Persons who know what they need because they have been taking the same formula but have gotten it from a different source and like our brand of granules better.
  2. Have been told by their Chinese Medicine doctor that they should take the formula but they themselves don’t carry it.
  3. Have had a consultation through Eagle Herbs.
  4. Are Chinese Doctor Herbalists themselves and want to treat themselves but don’t have the herbs.
  5. People who have done research on their conditions and feel confident that our herbs will help them. It is this last group we have to be careful about. Often people will read on our page the word “gastritis” and order our product but are disappointed with the results. Even in face to face prescribing formulas may not work as thought. Please order a small amount to get started and test the herbs out. We do not do refunds if they don’t work out for you.
  6. If you would like, email me at service@eagleherbs.com and I will try to find you an herbalist in your area.


Our herbs are safe and effective because our Chinese herbs are mixed in combinations to create “formulas”. Many of these formulas have been helping people for over 2000 years. 

We make each formula for you individually from the individual herbs. This allows us to offer a wide range of formulas as well as customize your formula. For this reason (and general safety and legal issues) we cannot offer refunds on formulas. (You wouldn’t want herbs that had been returned to us, would you?)

We give consumers the opportunity to order high quality Chinese from a reputable source. We offer a number of “symptom tools” to help you. However, we make no claims for diseases that you may have read about on the internet. If you have a serious issue then we urge you to see a medical professional and if desired, a licensed herbalist. We do offer consultation services.

  • When we get your order, we make the mix the herbs into either a bottle of granules or capsules. It may take from one to four days for us to make the herbs. We then mail them to you. We use the United States Priority Post Office Service. We wish we could be more quick but we also want to be realistic with the time involved.


  • If you have questions you can email service@eagleherbs.com. If you have a complicated problem, we may suggest that you have a consultation with me or another professional herbalist. You can also email me as I know of number of herbalist around the country and world if you want to see someone in person.


It is best to visit a Chinese Medicine herbalist. But we know that many people cannot get Chinese herbs where they live. That is why we created Eagle Herbs. 

Obviously, if you have a serious condition we strongly suggest you contact a western physician.

More stuff:

We are a small DIY service for Chinese Herbs that sells directly to consumers. I (Doug)  have been licensed in Chinese Medicine since 1996 with a special emphasis on herbs. All the people I have helping me are also licensed acupuncturists and (sometimes) advanced students who love working with herbs. That means that all of us can readily spot areas in our orders that need attention. Many times I have called patients to make sure they are getting the right formula for themselves. I readily suggest getting a small amount of a new formula to start with.

If you have a request for a formula we don’t have listed, and it doesn’t involve rare, dangerous or endangered ingredients we probably can make it for you.

We are not Amazon or one of those on-line companies that buys a warehouse full of pre-made boxes that they can send out the next day. Each one of our formulas is hand made and put into capsules if needed. If you have a big order it may take more time to order extra herbs from our distributors.

We don’t do well with rush orders or orders over the phone. Most of us working here have an acupuncture practice outside of Eagleherbs that needs attention as well. We maintain a schedule of making the formulas two to three times a week.

Our first commitment is to our customers health and then to the business aspects. It’s been a struggle at times to maintain that balance but our focus is on you, the consumer.