Eagleherbs and American Dragon

If you have searched for Chinese Herbs on the web you’ve undoubtably seen Americandragon.com. The owner, Joel Penner, passed away in January, 2020. Joel joined the faculty at Emperor’s College just as I had graduated and started working there. He became a friend and then collaborator of mine.

We hung out a fair amount and he hosted a weekly meditation group. Joel, Al Stone and I played in the Emperors College band: Bone Steaming Fever formed by student Natalie Archangel. I worked on his Zang-Fu book, advising and doing proofreading and is when I met John McDonald his co-writer.

The last conversation I had with him was his permission to use American Dragon information on this site.

His daughter has been kind enough to recommend Eagleherbs to his past customers.

I salute him and all the good work he did in his life. He will be missed.

Me and Joel
Me, Joel Penner and Anker – probably around 1999.