Eagleherbs and American Dragon

If you have searched for Chinese Herbs on the web you’ve undoubtably seen Americandragon.com. The owner, Joel Penner, passed away in January, 2020. Joel was a teacher and then friend and collaborator of mine.

We hung out a fair amount and he hosted a weekly meditation group. Joel, Al Stone and I played in the Emperors College band: Bone Steaming Fever formed by student Natalie Archangel. I worked on his Zang-Fu book where I met John McDonald, doing proofreading etc…

The last conversation I had with him was his permission to use American Dragon information on this site.

His daughter has been kind enough to recommend Eagleherbs to his past customers.

I salute him and all the good work he did in his life. He will be missed.

Me and Joel
Me, Joel Penner and Anker – probably around 1999.