The delicate body type.A man can be as delicate as a woman, and a woman can be as hearty as a man. One’s body type is genetic and more reflects one’s parents than their gender. [What’s your body type?]

The delicate body type is called the ectomorph in biomedicine.

Note the sensitivity that this delicate man has to the windy weather. He is “afraid of wind” as they say in Chinese medicine. This means that he is sensitive to drafts or temperature changes. Delicate individuals can be said to have “thin skin” meaning that they’re both emotionally and physically sensitive.

Delicate types can be larger, even obese, however, the muscles and fat of the delicate person will be very soft and flaccid, not firm or rigid as may be seen in those with the hearty body type.

Those with delicate body types tend to have long-lasting but low-grade illnesses. Perhaps you have come looking for a formula for a chronic condition. If so, be prepared to use the herbs for a period of weeks to months. Take a lower dosage (1-2 capsules, 3x daily, or 1/2 teaspoon of the powder, 3x daily) but keep it going for a while because that is what will be required. For more on how long it may take, please see the prognosis self-test.